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Member Since:October, 2014
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Occupation: Founder/Program Director- Local Roots NYC


New York, NY

About Me
I'm the founder/program director for Local Roots NYC (localrootsnyc.org). We are an NYC-based alternative CSA model creating local food culture rooted in community, accessibility and innovation. You'll usually find me with my side kick dog Wuji. I've played the violin and bass in numerous bands. I also manage the social media and web content for Juan Wauters of The Beets, an artist and friend I love dearly regardless of the root vegetable nomenclature.

2 Reviews 

Wen Jay cooked an amazing dinner. I loved it, it had some new tastes to me that I hadn't had before! Conversation was super cool, and she set up candles and everything. Thanks for such a nice dinner!! :)

Wen-Jay is a seriously cool, fun-loving foodie & a true Brooklynite. She's also a bomb entrepreneur with an extensive knowledge of local food, craft beer, and great music (psst: she was recently named Entrepreneur of the Year by NYC Small Business Solutions + Mayor Bloomberg, and Local Roots NYC was named The CSA That Knows How To Party by Brooklyn Based). Wen-Jay's meals are boozy and awesome- not to be missed!

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