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Member Since:October, 2016
Hosted Meals: 1
Attended Meals: 0
Languages: English

My Meals

French macarons - made 300 for our friends' wedding
Hainanese Chicken Rice -had to learn this as it was husband's childhood favorite
Char Siu - pork belly for homemade ramen
Experimenting - homemade bread


Chicago, IL

About Me
Wannabe restaurateur
Why I Share Meals
Honest feedback for recipes
Places I’ve Traveled
Been to several countries in Europe and Asia, but looking forward to new adventures in South America and Africa one day.
Who I’d Like to Have a Meal With
My mother's father - My grandma hooked up with an American soldier during the Vietnam War so we don't know who he is. If I could share a meal with him, then I would find out :)

6 Reviews 

Review of Poke!
Tee and her husband are awesome! She hosted us for her epically delicious and perfectly balance Poke meal. My friends and I had a blast. Looking forward to more mealshares with her in the future :)

Aaron (Matthew)
Review of Poke!
Wow! Tee's Poke meal was such an incredible experience! Seriously fresh, incredible food and such an amazing atmosphere and great conversation. Tee, next time you're hosting, sign me up!

Review of Poke!
Tee's poke mealshare was super tasty! I had a blast hanging out with her husband and friend Jessica. Definitely request Tee's poke mealshare, you will totally have blast :)

Review of Poke!
Tee made some unbelievably amazing Poke! Everything was fresh and delicious. This was my first Meal Share in Chicago and she made it very special. The next time I'm in town, I'll be sure to request a meal.

Review of Poke!
Tee's poke was incredible, first and foremost. The bowl with all the fixings looked beautiful and tasted perfect. Probably the best tasting mealshare I've had. Also, and probably more importantly, I loved Tee's hospitality and her warmth. Thank you Tee!

Review of Poke!
Tee and John hosted an outstanding mealshare! First, they are a delightful couple who warmly welcomed us into their beautiful South Loop condo. The view is spectacular, and the home is very classy. Our hosts made everyone feel comfortable, and then proceeded to serve up the best poke I've eaten. Tee says that John doesn't cook anything, so I'll credit her with the meal itself, but I'm quite sure that he helped somehow, and he was really good at being a good host. I'm very happy that they have joined the Chicago Mealsharing community, and can't wait to see them at another!

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