Spiced Corn/ Duck Fat Roasted Potatoes/Grilled Beef
Winter Salad/ Grilled Duck
Berry Compote/Lemon Pound Cake
Doughnuts/Sesame Seed/Indiana Honey
House Cured and Grilled Boar Belly


Chicago Loop, Chicago

Interesting fact about me
I studied cooking in Oaxaca, Mexico.
About Me
I have an enterprising spirit with a passion for cooking and traveling. I also own and operate a taco cart at the 61st Farmers Market and host pop up dinners in unique urban settings.
Who I’d Like to Have a Meal With
Living: Slavoj Zizek. Dead: Senneca and Alan Watts
I’m Interested In
  • History
  • Politics
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • food
  • cooking
  • cocktails
  • wine
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Traveling
  • Danger
I Love to Eat
  • Korean Beef
  • Tom Yung
  • tacos
I'd Like to Explore
  • All

26 Reviews 

What a fun evening! The crepes were delicious, I'm still dreaming of the cashewtella! It was nice to meet Samm and his lovely wife and I hope we will cross paths again.

Excellent food with excellent company. I loved the fact that it was in a storefront popup with a fashion show happening simultaneously! Among the best crepes I've had, Samm. Thank you!

Review of Mexican Ceviche
Samm's Mexican Ceviche mealshare was so delicious! The flavors were so fresh and the shrimp was absolutely perfect. Don't think I have ever had real shrimp in my life before Samm's mealshare :) Samm also happens to be an incredible dude who cracks awesome jokes and get down on heavy convos about social issues. Another perfect meal by Samm!

Samm and Erica, and Huan, were great hosts. The food was excellent and I had a lovely evening.

Samm is a terrific cook, everything was made from scratch. It was like having dinner in Greece. I could have just eaten the red pepper soup, but the star was the moussaka. We had some great conversations and the dinner went well past 10:00pm.

Samm and Erika were great. They used a really neat home school space for the meal, which was entirely attended by mealsharing first-timers (including me). This was a marvelous first-hand reminder of how magic good food, good strangers, candles, and wine can be.

This was my first Mealshare and it was FANTASTIC. Samm is a really good cook and he and Emily are really convivial hosts. The Shakshouka was so good, the it has inspired me to learn how to make it and make it a part of my rotation of 'stuff I make all the time'! The company was excellent and the conversation flowed easily. People who have been to many different places and experienced many different cultures makes the conversation memorable. I want to thank Samm for giving me this opportunity.

Amazingly warm and friendly. Samm and Erika are wonderful hosts. The meal was fantastic and well prepared. The best guacamole ever!

I went to one of Samm's meal a couple of months ago, the food, the location (coach house in Hyde Park) and the mix of people were excellent. Today (actually not even one hour ago) Samm delivered a homemade lunch to my office for my coworkers and I. Everything was perfect. He delivered on time and the brown bag had everything I expected and more! For $10 it was way worth it and healthier than anything we can grab for lunch downtown. I would both go to his meal and have them delivered to me again.

Samm was amazing! This is my girlfriend and my first experience with meal sharing. I cannot say enough great things about the experience and people we met! To be able to meet like minded people while sharing a fantastic meal is something I cannot put a price tag on. I will look forward to many more meal sharing events along with hopefully hosting my own soon!

Samm and Erika were awesome hosts! They whipped up a super tasty and #fresh meal, paired with delish vino, served up in a sweet Hyde Park coach house. A 100% great experience!

I had the chance of trying Sam's food during the Eye on India festival... I was so lucky! His food was great and such a nice take on indian food... truly creative. The best part was getting to know his wife, who is just so kind and great to talk to. By the way, her flan was OUT OF THIS WORLD. Seriously. I had seconds.

Coming back to visit Chicago for a short time and I wanted to get really good home cooked meal, so I chose attend Samm's meal share and not only was I not disappointed, it exceeded my expectations! The food was amazing!! I wish I had a bigger stomach so I could eat more :) Was held in a great space and also met some great people

Oh wow, I was not prepared for such a satisfying meal and afternoon as I had at Samm's mealshare and joint event with the Eye on India festival. There was so much good food and it just kept on coming, one dish after the other. Even after dessert, another entree seemingly appeared! I was in heaven. The spices were perfectly combined to bring out the flavor of the tandoori chicken and rice, and the creaminess of the peas and cauliflower sides almost converted me to exclusively Indian food. I'm telling you, don't miss out on an opportunity to dine with this master of hospitality and cooking!

This was my first time at a Meal Share and Samm and Erika really made it a wonderful experience. Plenty of good food, and conversation. Really though, AWESOME FOOD. Alas, I didn't take any pictures but pork jowls will forever be on my "must have again" list. Thanks, Samm and Erika!

This was my first MealSharing experience. Samm and Erika are inspirational people and so wonderful. The chicken and cabbage... the carrots, potatoes, chocolate, everything...oh my. It was just so delicious and beautiful! It was a very memorable meal. It reminded me of the dinners with my family in Peru. I cannot wait to start making meals in Lawrence, KS. Meal Sharing is such a wonderful idea. Bringing back the community aspect to meals. yey! Sending hugs to both!

Tuve un tiempo maravilloso en Samm y la casa de Erika. Me gustó mucho la comida y la gente. Erika hizo un muy buen postre de chocolate. Samm es un buen cocinero, pero yo escribo esto en español así que no lo sabe. Creo que él no lee español. Así que él no puede conseguir la cabeza grande. Yo era una mujer de Argentina esta visita.

A welcoming table with great conservation and delicious food! All the dishes were delicious and used interesting and innovative ingredients. I had a great time!

Like hanging out with old friends, even though I had just met them. Great food and company.

I had such a great time at Samm and Erica's dinner. It was my first Mealshare experience, and it was exactly what I was looking for. The meal was delicious, the 10 or so of us got along really well, and everyone brought drinks to share. I am looking forward to another meal with them soon!

I recently attended a delicious mealshare hosted by Samm and Erika. They are two of the most hospitable hosts you will ever meet: piles of perfectly roasted potatoes, free-flowing wine, and such delectable flan were some of the great highlights. Do not miss the chance to dine with them!

I met Samm and Erika at another's meal last month, and I very much enjoyed talking with them. They are both very enthusiastic about food, of course, but also have many other interests that made for wonderful conversation. So I jumped at the opportunity to share a meal at their home. They are both excellent hosts. The food was incredibly good, there were menu items that I had not tried before, such as beef heart. I found it to be very tender and the flavor was superb. I would highly encourage anyone to visit one of their meals. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Samm and Erika are dream cooking duo. Their love for cooking radiates through all aspects of the meal (creative flavors, atmosphere, music). Samm made beef heart that was incredible and Erika made really tasty flan for dessert. One of the best parts of the night was learning how active they are in the Chicago Food community. Be sure to ask them about their supper club Spice! They are doing some really great things in the Chicago food community! Samm and Erika have a passion and love for cooking that inspires me. Be sure to share a meal with them if you get the chance!

Meal Sharing achieved its intent. My husband and I really love good food and last night, the fare was exceptional! We were saying it was surpassed probably only by the company. Samm and Erika were the perfect hosts. The other guests were equally fascinating. Sharing amazing food with fantastic people.

Samm and his wife Erica are awesome hosts!! I had the chance to share a dinner with them and was very impressed by their hospitality and the delicious food they made. For dinner, there was a squash soup decorated with chopped salsa verde, a massaged kale salad with goat cheese, and a baked rigatoni. Every dish was well executed and nicely presented. A lot of their cooking combines Mediterranean and Latin American flavors and ingredients and results are wonderful! I highly recommend trying out their meals.

Samm and his wife Erika came over my first mealshare in my new apartment. His wife is from Mexico, and Samm is from a Greek family, and they definitely appreciate good food. We had a lot of cultural ideas in common, and care about many of the same topics. I loved them and would host them again anytime! In this pic, they are the couple in front the tv

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