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East Harlem, New York

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Self-taught using Julia Child's "Master the Art...", I began hosting dinner parties at age 15. Ten years later, I enjoy bringing people to the table for classic dishes using the best ingredients and techniques possible. You'll be welcomed to my home with hearty food and good conversation. People and books I follow include Dorie Greenspan, "The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook", Melissa Clark and the New York Times's Food section, and, of course, Ina Garten.

2 Reviews 

Spending thanksgiving meal with Richard, his friends, and another couple from meal sharing was no doubt the best first thanksgiving I could've experienced. Richard was an amazing chef, preparing delicious thanksgiving dishes on his own, and he also made the atmosphere of the house very fancy with hand picked flowers and candles. Thank you for inviting us to your home, we very much enjoyed sharing meals with you and your friends!

We had an amazing afternoon/evening with Richard, his friends and fellow MealSharer's. It was such a feast! We were so glad to have our first Thanksgiving in their company. Hope to stay in touch and share more meals with Richard! Fabio and Larissa

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