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Grilled Chicken and Waffles (with tangy whipped cream and peach compote)
Great conversation and great bellinis
Shrimp and grits on the way!
Let’s eat!
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Bushwick, New York

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A Chicagoan and New Yorker combine for good times!

3 Reviews 

Hayder & Jamie
We had Sunday brunch with Nate and Kristen. Delicious! Mimosas, egg and sausage skillet, most amazing buttermilk biscuits, and homemade doughnuts with fresh cream and peaches! What a great couple... we really enjoyed meeting them! They are excellent hosts and great conversationalists. We even had a brief visit from Princess Filomena :)

Nate and Kristen are exceptional hosts. My friend and I were guests at their Saturday brunch last weekend - it was a truly inspired meal, beginning with a round of Bellini's! As we sipped, the four of us congregated in the kitchen and chatted as Nate stirred, sliced and sautéed. When the first course was ready, we sat at their sunny dining room table and oohed and aahed our way to the bottom of our bowls. The following two courses were both equally creative and delicious - a healthier take on southern fare. Nate and Kristen are both super interesting, funny and thoughtful people, with many great stories -- Looking forward to our next meal :)

Nate and Kristen are awesome. My friend and I had a mealshare with them and it was absolutely delicious. A Southern meal with Nate and Kristen's creative twist was inspiring. More importantly, they are a couple that radiate positive energy. We laughed, told stories, and discussed how awesome downtown Chicago is. Also, there home is super vintage/modern and incredibly cozy for good conversation. Hope to mealshare soon!

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