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Member Since:June, 2016
Hosted Meals: 5
Attended Meals: 0
Age: 51 years
Languages: Modern Greek (1453-), English
Occupation: Experimental archaeologist- Food historian


Daratsos, Greece

About Me
I am an experimental archaeologist-food historian, who recreates Greek historical recipes using ancient or modern techniques for spectacular food events. In 2009 I founded Studio 'Greek Culinary History & Cooking Adventures' to create interactive, edible experiences that bring historical Greek gastronomy to life through synesthesia (union of the senses) as well as explore the relationship between art and food. My work takes many forms, including pop-up dinners, experiments, lectures, historic cooking courses, edible installations, and food walking tours. On the walking tours, we do not only eat, we also explore the tales behind the foods and the preparation of each food item. I am the author of a Gourmand award-winning cookbook, The Language of Taste, which is a dictionary (in Gr.) of the history and culture of Greek food and the founder and organizer of the biennial Symposia of Greek Gastronomy (conference). You can also find me at and
I’m Interested In
  • music
  • books
  • anthropology of food
  • travels
  • storytelling
  • archaeology of the senses
Types of meals I make
  • Ancient Greek
  • Byzantine
  • ancient Roman
  • early Ottoman
  • historical Cretan

1 Review 

Mariana has been hosting unforgettable cooking classes and food tours in Chania for years. Her knowledge and passion for food and teaching is a joy to be experience. Here are some of the other reviews she's had from guests all over the world: Niknik Achanzar| FROM CHICAGO We had a wonderful time touring with Mariana. It was amazing to be able to learn about Chania from an experimental archeologist and food historian. We loved being able to try the home-made breads that Mariana baked using ancient methods. After the tour, Mariana gave us fantastic recommendations for things to do during the rest of our stay. Overall, this was a great experience. John | FROM ROME I took the 'Eating in ancient Greece' cooking class. It was a cooking lesson, a history lesson and a meal all in one! I enjoyed it very much. I was by myself but Mariana had me group with four other lovely people and we learned so many interesting things and cooked and laughed. A very interesting class by an experimental archaeologist who is an Gourmand award - winning author as well. Food was great. Anna Delhaugh| FROM NEW YORK I’m thoroughly fascinated with Mariana's cooking courses. I took two of them and I enjoyed the entire process, from mixing historically-appropriate ingredients and cooking over an open fire to using replicas of historic equipment and tools. Mariana is extremely generous with her knowledge and responded to every question in such a warm and nuturing way!

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