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Member Since:March, 2014
Hosted Meals: 4
Attended Meals: 10
Occupation: Public Relations
Jia Jiang Mein: buckwheat noodles with a Chinese bolognese-style sauce
Freshly-made arancini before they went into the deep-fryer
Grilled lamb chop over parmesan risotto and a side spring salad with raspberry vinaigrette.
Southern fried rabbit with creamy gravy
Bread pudding, recipe courtesy of John Besh.


Chicago, Illinois

About Me
I embrace Chicago for it's cultural diversity. It truly is a city of neighborhoods full of life, color and vibrancy, and that's the style I like to bring to my table.
Why I Share Meals
Meeting new people/friends; not having to eat the same meal day after day because I've cooked in bulk again.
I’m Interested In
  • Movies
  • The Outdoors
  • Volleyball
  • Kickball
  • Warrior Dash
  • LATE Ride
  • Movies in the Park
  • Wine Tastings
I'd Like to Explore
  • I'm pretty open. Looking forward to learning/trying new things.

23 Reviews 

Kayee was a perfect host. She is so welcoming, pleasant and such a joy to be around. I kept admiring how she was cooking and still catering to everyone at the same time. Doing this didn't affect the meals in anyway. Everything was perfect. My favorite of the night were the dumplings.... I simply couldn't stop eating. I will certainly attend any future meal shares she does. Kayee, pls do them more often. Made some good friends that day as well.

Kayee was very friendly, welcoming and she's an excellent cook! I had a great time at her event.

I had such a wonderful time at Kayee's this past weekend. She is a very welcoming and friendly host. The food she served was beyond delicious. I've been daydreaming about the sauce she made for the noodles. So good! Would love to share a meal again.

Dinner at Kayee's is always an amazing experience. I met Kayee at a meal share a few years ago and we became friends. So it's always great to catch up and have some amazing food. The dumplings were out of this world, I kept eating them like they were going out of style. And the noodles with the Bolognese sauce was so delicious. I wish I could keep eating. Can't wait to be a guest at Kayee's next one.

This was my first meal share experience and I had a good time. Kayee is an amazing host! She and her friends are very welcoming. I did enjoy the meal as well as the ambience. Good group of people. Good food. Can’t ask for more. Thanks for making my first meal share experience a good one!

We had a great time at Kyee's mealshare! The food was deeeeeeee-lish and company was friendly! I'm so glad Kyee hosted again so that we could join in on the fun :):):) Thank you Kyee!!!

food was very good, enjoyed it a lot :)

Hanging out with Kayee and the other guests was the highlight of my weekend! Kayee brought out an amazing spread of food for brunch. There was so much food to go around. The breakfast tacos were amazing, and I really enjoyed the sides that went along with them. Kayee's dog was a cutie! Overall, Kayee was a great host, and the brunch was a blast!

How did I like them? I loved them! Kayee is an excellent host, there is no way you will leave hungry. Her condo is really cute and you will love Gus her dog.

Kayee is a wonderful host! Her tacos where delicious! She had different types of meats and toppings/sides for the tacos. It was a wonderful surprise. The hibiscus drink was yummy! I had not seen Kayee in years (from a different social group) so it was great to see her again. Thank you for hosting and taking the time to cook for us Kayee!

What a great pleasure having Kayee and friends over for my fundraiser for the orphans. She is such a nice and outgoing young lady and it was a great honor having her. Thank you for having an open heart for the needs of others.

Comfort food is sooo right! We had hearty helpings of sprial veggies with marinara sauce, for the meat lovers (huge meatballs),french bread, wine and desserts all in a cozy 1-bedroom apt. I had a wonderful time sharing with others from all over the globe. I'm loving the idea of meal sharing. Comfortable, relaxing and in a "friends home"...no worries and you can help prepare the meal...it's like at home but with folks you can enjoy and learn alot from! Thank you for the meal share Kayee and thanks to Bob L. for introducing me to meal sharing! Now, it's time for me to host my own meal share in St. Louis, MO!

Great host Compelling veggie noodles Tender meatballs Bold garlic spread Well reflected of what Kayee brings to the table Thanks for sharing the afternoon and the healthier comfort food meal!

It was wonderful having the opportunity to return to Kayee's home for another meal. She's really amazing in the kitchen. She showed great creativity making "pasta" from spiral-shredded zucchini, yellow squash, sweet potato, and daikon. For a noodle-lover like me, it was a treat to sample them all and notice the slight variations in texture and taste. They were accompanied by a rich tomato sauce and some divine meatballs that Kayee magically whipped together. Complimented with a beautiful salad, bread, and homemade peach sorbet for dessert, it really made for a spectacular luncheon. Kayee has a seemingly effortless way of making all feel welcome in her home. She's completely charming, down-to-earth, and is a great mealsharing host. I hope to dine at her table again soon.

It was very nice to meet Kayee. I enjoyed sharing stories with her. I hope she has a meal share soon.

This is SUPER late, but I wanted to make sure I gave Kayee the Mealshare review she deserves. Kayee is an excellent cook, to say I left stuffed would be an understatement. Kayee is welcoming, funny, pleasant and very patient in teaching us amateurs how to make dumplings. Not only did Kayee give us enough food to eat, but actually had tupperware for us to take home food as well. Cannot wait to dine with Kayee again.

The food was delicious and it was fun to help out!

The xiaolongbao and zhajiangmian were delicious- and we even got leftovers to go! Was great to meet Kayee and the other guests, would go back anytime.

Hi Kayee! Thank you for a delicious meal and excellent company!

Chef Dante (George)
Kayee, You are fantastic and I am happy to meet you during Brunch yesterday. You inspired me so much and I am glad to host you. I am looking forward to have you taste my other meal in the near future and I want you back and experience mealsharing with me and my freinds again soon! Watch out for my June event, I will make it even bigger for you. Bring friends and family next time! You are welcome to my event anytime! Cheft Dante

Kayee is a fantastic cook and and excellent host. Her homemade, handmade dumplings matched with her buckwheat noodles topped with Chinese bolognese-style sauce was all an absolutely delight for the taste buds! True authentic Chinese food! Oh, and let's not forget the Bubble Tea, Yum, Yum! This was a true Mealsharing treat!

Kayee's mealshare was outstanding. She is a very pleasant host, and a wonderful cook. I was allowed to help make dumplings, which was a treat. I also probably ate more than I should have, but the food was just so delicious. It was a great evening out for me, and I look forward to enjoying more meals with Kayee, because she's excellent company.

Kayee was a wonderful guest, very friendly, gracious, and a pleasure to meet. I hope she attends my future Mealshares and anxiously waiting for her to host her own.

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