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Member Since:May, 2013
Hosted Meals: 1
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Age: 34 years
Languages: English, German, Spanish
Occupation: freelance journalist, writer, and translator.


Berlin, Berlin

About Me
I was lucky enough to be born and raised in one of the world's best places to live... Berlin. I love my city and I love to travel. So far I haven't found a better place to live, but maybe one day I will move to the countryside or a nice and cosy place by the sea in a warm country. That's the only downside of living in Berlin - long, cold and dark winters. So it's always best to go traveling during that time. When I'm not able to travel I love to meet people from all over the world, hear their stories and get a bit of the travel feeling.
I’m Interested In
  • writing
  • literature
  • sailing
  • meditation
  • yoga

1 Review 

Julia is such a nice and helpful guest. She brought such a tasty salad with her! She's curious and has great questions. It's easy to have a great conversation with her. Mealshare with her. Don't miss out! :)

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