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Member Since:May, 2015
Hosted Meals: 5
Attended Meals: 10
Languages: English
Occupation: Contract Manager


River North, Chicago

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I climbed Mt. Fuji on a solo trip to Japan.
About Me
I've always had a passion for food and travel. Food is a lot cheaper to experiment with and provides an instant reward, of course! I was really excited to discover this site and will hopefully find a great community to share and experience some amazing food and conversation.

19 Reviews 

It was great to meet Jo again, this time we made noodles together at Ritas. Always a pleasure to be around her and her stories.

It was nice to see Jo again. She is really sweet and funny. She's also a great cook, so if she has a meal share sign up!

All the food was very tasty and Jo was an excellent host!

Jo is an awesome guest. She's really appreciative of the effort put into the food and she's lovely to be around. Cracks me up too!

My boyfriend and I really enjoyed our experience last night. The food was delicious! I couldn't stop eating. Charlie the dog was adorable and very well behaved. Jo was very nice. We will definitely be back. Rick & Susan

Jo is so much fun, last night I discovered she also plays piano. I have also had the opportunity to taste her delicious food.

As a Guest at Fall Favorites!
Excellent guest- warm, engaging and just overall tons of fun.

As a Guest at Fall Favorites!
I heard a lot about Jo and her cooking and this time I had the pleasure to meet her at Chrissy's. She is a very warm and outgoing young lady with a lot of stories and she is just fun to be around. I hope I can make it to one of her famous mealshares soon, I am sure it will be fantastic.

Jo is an amazing cook! I don't think she could go wrong with anything she makes. Not only that, she's a foodie and it was so much fun playing foodie fight with her. She's warm and funny and it's such a pleasure being at her table.

Jo was a wonderful host who prepared an amazing meal for us. Every course was delicious and the table setting beautiful. This was our first meal share and we're hooked. Thanks, Jo!

I met Jo (as a fellow guest) at another mealshare and enjoyed her company very much, so I was delighted to host her for the first time, at my Italian Christmas in August meal share! Jo was super sweet and completely cracked me up by (correctly) encouraging us to call the carrot dish “fritters” to get around an obvious, yet hysterical faux pas that I made! I found Jo very interesting and Louis & I enjoyed chatting with her about her travels to Japan & Japanese culture. I look forward to meal sharing with her sometime very soon!

Great time sharing Christmas dinner in August with Jo! Can wait to taste her rotten cabbage soon!

It was wonderful to meet Jo at Myrna's Filipino brunch mealshare. Jo is a very friendly person who is down to earth and super easy to talk to. I look forward to meal sharing with Jo in future! Either as her guest (I found out she hosts and the menus look delish!) or if we both are guests at another mealshare sometime in future.

What a great dinner we had (me and my husband) at Jo's place. It was great. I wish I could upload more pictures to show you how great everything was. We met a norwegian couple and a girl from Germany there. And it was such an interesting mix of people, coupled with the best food I had had in a long while. It was great. And her little dog is just like a teddy bear you wish you could take home with you. Loved my time as Jo's guest and I'll be looking forward to her next meals. Highly recommended.

It was a great evening with Jo! The food was fantastic (especially the self-made ice cream). She was the perfect host, very nice. I really enjoyed the meal share at her place- and I will definitely go to another one!

I had a great experience dining at Jo's place. Jo is such a sweet, kind and generous human being. Her first course was so yummy I wish I was eating it right now. I just love the fact that she incorporated some of her home grown basil into this dish. And that gelato she made was tripple yummy--it truly was a treat to be a guest at this meal!

Jo made me feel right at home and served the most incredible meal! She was an outstanding hostess and phenomenal cook. Her homemade olive oil ice cream was to die for! She was very interesting and was a lot of fun to talk with, and I would definitely attend another meal sharing with her. Thank you Jo for a great time!

Jo and Charlie (her dog) are great hosts. The cous cous was fluffy, the carrots were sweet, the chicken was delicious but the hand made ice cream and blueberry pies were the best thing of all. The ice cream was so delicious we all had seconds. (Thanks Jo I'm going to the gym this morning!) It turned out to be an all female dinner and we sat around talking for hours. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. I would recommend a meal at Jo's home.

As a Guest at Bombay Brunch
I was thrilled to host Jo for her first Mealshare. I had the pleasure of meeting Jo before through another food related endeavor (we have a mutual love of ethnic BYOBs!), and she is every bit the engaging, humorous conversationalist I remembered. I am glad she is kicking off her adventures in hosting, and am hoping she decides to do it again, so I can check her out!

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