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Member Since:August, 2012
Hosted Meals: 8
Attended Meals: 186
Age: 35 years
Languages: English, Gujarati, Spanish
Occupation: Web Designer Tech Person
Hosting on the rooftop :)
My mom teaching me how to cook Indian food
Asian Inspired Tacos
Jam session at a mealshare
Chilling with friends in São Paulo


Central Station, Chicago

Interesting fact about me
I go to the movies once a week...
About Me
I originally hail from Chicago but like to view myself as a global citizen. My background is in tech/design/art/music. I have been playing the guitar for some years now and love playing in bands. I am a big fan of hanging out with friends and family and having conversations about politics, contemporary social issues, and anything in between.
Why I Share Meals
I really want to meet kind people around the world that really believe in sharing to make the world a better place.
Places I’ve Traveled
I have traveled to various parts of the world. I have lived in Europe, South America, and Asia. My favorite city that I have lived in is definitely Sao Paulo, Brazil. My next trip will be hopefully to Japan.
What I Read, Watch, and Listen To
I am a big fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Modern Family! I am a big fan of the book "Never Let Me Go. Also, huge into movies. Probably have watched Vanilla Sky and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind about 50 times respectively. Also, I am huge Radiohead, Bloc Party,and Mars Volta fan.
A Memory of a Home-Cooked Meal
During crazy thunderstorms in Chicago, my mom would always suggest to make Bhaji's (Indian fried potato street food). I loved unfolding blue tarp in our garage for my family(dad, uncle, and aunt) to sit on and watch my mom toss bhaji after bhaji into the pot with her portable gas stove. The meal was fun, but the best part were families tales from India!
Who I’d Like to Have a Meal With
I would have a meal with my great grandfather. I heard he was a great man.
I’m Interested In
  • guitar
  • traveling
  • art
  • technology
I Love to Eat
  • pad thai
  • enchildas
  • eggplant parmesan
I'd Like to Explore
  • mexican
  • costa rican

112 Reviews 

The evening with Jay and his lovely wife was beyond perfect! Great mix of people-easy conversation and the food was wonderful. I can't say enough "good" things about my evening. Mealshare is a concept that more people should know about and integrate it into their lives and into their bucket list of things to do!

The evening with Jay and his lovely wife was beyond perfect! Great mix of people-easy conversation and the food was wonderful. I can't say enough "good" things about my evening. Mealshare is a concept that more people should know about and integrate it into their lives and into their bucket list of things to do!

Jay's meal was dope. The food was delicious, the company was pleasant, and the atmosphere was inviting. Go to Jay's if you get a chance.

The host was very hospitable and the food was delicious!

Thank you Jay for hosting. It was great to see you again. I had a really fun time and your food was delicious. Hope to see you again soon.

As a Guest at Poke!
Thanks, Jay for stopping by and bringing your friends. It has been a pleasure as always!

Jay, his wife and dad are delightful company - friendly and easy to chat to and very amicable. They are curious about seeing and trying new things, appreciative of culinary efforts and share interesting experiences of their travels. My daughter and I were instantly comfortable chatting to them and really enjoyed having them over. It was a pleasure to host them!

Aaron (Matthew)
As a Guest at Jazz up your January
What more can I say about Jay? Super cool guy, funny as all heck. Was great seeing you once again, my friend.

As a Guest at Indian Meal
It was a total pleasure to have Jay and his father over for a meal at my home. It was a wonderful afternoon for me chatting with both of them over food. Jay is extremely friendly and a must say an easy guest to deal with.

Lemme just say this: had I not randomly met Jay three years ago, my life in Chicago would not have been nearly as rich as it has been. Sometimes I think that he does not realize how great an accomplishment Mealsharing is. I'm very happy to call him my friend.

As a Guest at Italian Flavors
Wise, calm, collected, and cooler than cool. Obviously the best!

Jay was an awesome guest! Loved that he was diggin' on my Pandora station. Jay, great to finally meet you! Thanks for bringing your vision of Meal Sharing to life and for joining UCSC's inaugural Second Saturday Dining with a Purpose meal! Hope to share many more meals with you.

As a Guest at Poke!
Thanks for coming to our MS, Jay! It was nice to meet you and will look forward to more meals and conversations in the future!

As a Guest at Poke!
Jay is the absolute BEST! Oh, and he founded Meal Sharing, so he's like...kind of a big deal.

Aaron (Matthew)
As a Guest at Poke!
Jay is an awesome dude, with amazing stories. Loved learning more about the origins of Meal Sharing, and having a good laugh or two all the while. See you next time!

As a Guest at Poke!
Jay was incredibly charming. He told the story of how mealsharing started and it was quite emotional hearing the inspiration behind this amazing business. It's obvious and probably should go without saying, but if you get the opportunity to share a meal with him, jump on that opportunity.

I'm honored that Jay trekked far and wide for my Meal Share. We all had many laughs during lunch, and I'm looking forward to going to another one of his Meal Shares soon.

I've already given Jay enough reviews. He's a great host, blah, blah, blah. But I believe he may have a future in serving raw fish. He purchased some of the best sashimi I've ever eaten, and made an outstanding tuna tartare. Look for him to do this again. It was really delicious.

Jay was a great guest. It was really nice to meet him and hear about his travels and other Mealsharing experiences!

It was an honor to attend the wedding of Jay and Ainara. They are both fabulous human beings. If you ever get the chance to go to an Indian wedding, GO! It was the best wedding I have ever been to. The food was incredible, lunch and dinner and the dancing was awesome. Congratulations to the both of you!

What an honor it was to represent mealsharing on WGN and have Jay as my guest. Thank you again Jay for this amazing idea of sharing meals around the wold.

Delicious meal and great company. 10/10 would eat again.

Jay has been a great guest! It has been a pleasure and much fun to serve dinner to him and his friends. Very respectful, arrived on time and most important didn't leave any leftovers! Very relaxed and spontaneous interlocutor we had very nice time!

Jay has been a great guest! It has been a pleasure and much fun to serve dinner to him and his friends. Very respectful, arrived on time and most important didn't leave any leftovers! Very relaxed and spontaneous interlocutor we had very nice time!

As a Guest at Siam Soul
Thanks to Jay I had my first meal share when he came to visit Denver. He is a great guy and our group spent most of the night laughing and eating amazing food. I hope our paths cross again!

What a great idea to "host" a mealshare at a restaurant by choosing the menu in advance. As someone who often suffers from indecision when out to eat, it was freeing to have the choices made in advance! It's interesting to sample others' favorites at a new restaurant, too. We had a nice time full of fun conversation.

Thank you Jay. I'm so stuffed I couldn't eat a tic tac if I wanted to. Every time I meet Jay I learn something interesting about him. I was a very enjoyable evening eating gnocchi (one of my favorites!) If you have never been to Quartinos you should try it. The conversation was lively and we all had lots of laughs. Happy Birthday.

Aaron (Matthew)
As a Guest at #tbt TACOS
It was awesome meeting Jay; a worldly dude and one of the most amiable people you'll meet. Thanks for stopping by! You're totally welcome back next time you're in town.

 From the moment I welcome them it felt as if we were already old friends. The where so nice to talk with. We really loved there stories and my husband and I laughed so much that we began to miss them when they left. We had such and amazing time with Jay and his wife. My oldest son also remained pleased with them, especially with Jay's wife, they talked about art and tips on how to improved his drawing skills since my son is learning to paint. And Jay is an EXCELLENT guitar player.  So if you have an old guitar like we do put it someplace Jay can see it and you'll be amazed as how your old guitar will sound like. :) Thanks for the visit guys and hope to see you again soon. Merry Christmas! P.s. I was having such a great time with them that I forgot to take photos.

It was a pleasure to meet you! Thanks for hanging out with us and the doggies!

It was an honor to have Mr Jay for dinner. He is a great communicator and so funny. He has a ton of life experience in and outside the USA and he is a good listener too. I hope I can share another meal with him soon

As a Guest at Brazilian BBQ
Having been in a band with Jay for just over 48 hours now, I can safely say he is a guy you want at your table. Seriously, just do it.

I was a little nervous to host the founder of mealsharing but Jay could not be more humble and kind. He was a great guest and put all at ease. I really enjoyed getting to know him and I think we had some fantastic interesting conversations. I look forward to hosting him again and hopefully trying out some of his cuisine!

As a Guest at Modern Moroccan
I've had the good fortune to host Jay for dinner twice, and while I was nervous about reviewing the 'man who started it all,' I think it just has to be said what enjoyable company he makes. His unique experiences clearly create interesting conversations, but he also has a great way of putting everyone at ease. Fingers crossed for additional hilarity, be it 90's dance parties or more serious old-timey photos :-)

Jay and his friends not only made some delicious Indian food, they also put on a great dance party. He turned his living room into a dance club. Jay has some really sweet moves! I would highly recommend going to Jay's house for good food and a good time.

As a Guest at Filipino Comfort Food
Jay is ultra cool!!! He loves to take foodie pictures just like me! He has interesting conversations and has a great sense of humor! It will be so much fun to have another meal sharing experience with him :>)!

I had a great time at Jay's Indian Street food meal share... And that his mom & dad joined as 'surprise' attendees certainly was a treat! His mom was really sweet and her from-scratch cooking was stellar. Oh, and Jay's dad was like a rock star with his mini dancing demo for us. :) As usual, Jay was an excellent host … so glad to attend his meal share again!

Jay is a great host, very easy going. He is good at striking up and continuing conversation, so there is never an awkward moment. The food was delicious and the space was beautiful.

The food was amazing and the hosts were super nice. I really love it.

I'd like to acknowledge Jay for creating a meal short notice when I mentioned that I wanted to introduce my out-of-town guests to mealsharing. As usual, it was a great time, all of my friends enjoyed themselves and are excited about doing it in the future. I was also happy to see Jay's mother in the kitchen, as she is an amazing cook. And I got to meet Jay's father for the first time. Very good, hospitable people. Thanks, Jay!

As a Guest at Not your Mamas Mexican
Jay has done a good thing! I love mealsharing and I feel blessed to have had him at my dinner table. He was funny and insightful, and gave me some food for thought. I am so happy that I decided to try mealsharing. Last night was my first mealsharing experience and turned out to be more fun than anticipated. I was so nervous about trying it, but am so glad that I did! Jay and the other guests made it so enjoyable! I am looking forward to connecting with more interesting and fun people through mealsharing. Thanks Jay!

Jay brings the funniest stories, the best energy to any table. We were so lucky to have him around!

I am very grateful that Jay sent me a message to request me to host a Uyghur food sharing event. I had been thinking on doing that for so long, never took an action. I am glad I finally hosted one. Jay came with her cousin. It was a lot of fun, a lot of laughter. He is very cultural, very fun to talk to. We had a good time together.

Funny, witty, smart, intelligent conversation by a genuinely great guy.

Yum! The food tasted delicious, and afterwards I felt balanced and satisfied--the watermelon-mint-pear smoothie was perfect.

Jay joined us for my first Meal Share and his first Traditional Thanksgiving. We had a fabulous time. It was an honor to learn about Jay's culture, his travels, and share my family recipes with him. Thank Jay - I cannot wait for Indian at your place... :)

Jay was a great host and prepared with his Indian mother, a real traditional Indian dish called Chana masala. He offered us to take raw onions with it just the way real Indians would eat and it was indeed much better to do so. I thank him for his great hospitality and wonderful opportunity to eat traditional Indian food in its own traditional way. Together with other guests we had a blast after the meal with endless insightful conversations about every topics we could touch on.

Jay was a very friendly and welcoming host! His food was great and he had lots of funny storys to tell. :) I hope I'll meet him again at his awsome apartment with a great view of Chicago. Thank you! A.

It was my second time at Jay's place but it was my first time trying his homemade Indian cuisine. I will never go to an Indian restaurant again. I'll just crash his mealshares! I have always thought Indian food to be extremely wonderful when it's homemade and coming over to his mealshare confirmed that. Even better, he cooked the meal with his mother. Nothing can beat that- except of course, an Indian meal cooked by his grandmother.

Jay was great! Very easy going, very comfortable. Food was tasty!

Gr8 experience and concept! Thx for dinner and company!! Thx for having us over!!

The building was very nice, unfortunately i was too late to enjoy the meal.

Jay is one of the most interesting people I've met since I came here to the States! So much amazing conversation to offer, very easy going and with passion about how cultures are different or similar. I write you a reference because I want to thank you for creating this project and keep your efforts strong. Have a wonderful day!

I hope Jay is around for all of my MealSharing experiences. You should too!

Jay is a lot of fun; we've shared a meal together before, but I loved having him at my table this time. He made an effort to ensure other guests at my meal were welcomed and comfortable, which took the pressure off me as a host. Jay even indulged my paparazzi-esque tendencies by artfully arranging his kale salad into something more photo-ready. Thanks Jay. Looking forward to chana masala at your place this week.

This was my first meal sharing experience and it was great! Jay was open, warm and engaging, he made his guests feel at home. What a great way to spend an evening and meeting new friends! I am sure I will come back!

My first Meal Sharing experience and it was perfect - laid back, friendly, delicious and a place where you feel instantly like you are welcome. Jay is a gracious host and a great example when I'm ready to host as well.

I finally got to meet the famous founder of Meal Share, Jay. I enjoyed talking with him and I'm so glad he thought of this idea. Meal Sharing is great!

Jay is definitely one of the coolest dudes you will ever meet. Highly recommend having him over for dinner or going to his mealshare!

Jay made Neapolitan pizza and he totally nailed it! Not to mention that he has great dough flipping skills. He was a great host and it's fun to be at his table.

Interesting and fun! Met through a friend through Lyft! Small word! Had a good first mealshare!

Jay put on a fantastic Mealshare! Lots of fantastic food, fun, folks and a magnificent day to be on the lake on the Tiki Boat! Be sure to join and experience the next one!

The boat Mealshare was EPIC!!! Enough said! Good company, great time! If this one shows up again, sign up fast!

Jay is awesome! He is a great guest! I was honoured by his compliments. I would have him back anytime and can not wait to try his food!

Jay made a awesome meal!!! I loved his handmade THE soup. I have never tasted such soup before. I had a wonderful experience at his home and the food he made was delicious. I met with his girl friend who is very nice, polite and great cook. I enjoyed the spanish rice. They made a healthy smoothie with great ingredients. Smoothie at his roof top at 9 PM with Chicago skyline was a best hang out place after the dinner. I am indian and i can say Jay is very authentic indian cook :) Thank you Jay for having me over and great experience Meal Sharing with both of you !

What's it like to share a meal with Jay? Hmmm. Well, at first I was a little intimidated, because he is one of the giants. But as I watched his interactions with the others, I came to realize that he was a genuinely nice guy. He was polite, well-mannered and mostly soft-spoken. He has a good appetite for a variety of food. He also has a good sense of humor, at least I think so. Towards the end of the evening, I felt comfortable around him, to the point that I felt that I could approach him. He gave me a warm smile and scratched me behind the ears. It was very nice. I hope he comes over again. -Charlie

Jay is the triple threat of meal sharing. First, he cooks up a mean chana masala. Quality food is pillar of the meal sharing experience, and this one he has nailed. Second, Jay is a welcoming and gracious host. In fact, he even bestowed upon me a gift of three fancy woven hot pad thingys for putting hot pots and pans on so that they don't mark up a surface. Third- and arguable the most important but often underrated component of a memorable 'share- is that he is deft at creating community among his guests, finding opportunity to build relationships by bringing people together, thus making a bunch of individuals into a group chillin over enjoying a shared meal. Meal sharing with Jay is like Chicago in the summertime: it feels so damn good.

It was a chill environment with great folks! The meal was delicious especially the Spicy Chana! I would highly recommend checking this mealshare out if you haven't yet!

I would say Jay served best indian food in town and Jay's guests are as cool as host. Thank you for letting me recognize that Many chicagoan say hi in the elevator :)

We love it, me and Amma) Very hospitable and nice, again thanks to Jay's mother for great dishes! Cool and chill atmosphere, idea is great!!! Just try it and it's hard to stop, especially if you like to meet new people and having great meal at the same time ;)

It was a great first experience with meal sharing! Food was fantastic! The other guests were great to talk to and very kind!

Let's just say I left very, very full!

It was fun--my husband and I had a great time with Jay and his guest. Very interesting people, lively conversation; made me forget my jet-lag. (I realized after they left that I hadn't put the beer they brought into the refrigerator--so maybe the lag was still in charge? Sorry, Jay!)

Jay is one of the nicest, easy-going and most open-minded person I have met. Hanging out with him is a pleasure. I saw him before at a meal share I attended I thought it would be great if he could come when I am hosting, and wow and great, he came

So a quick survey of Jay's reviews leads me to the conclusion that he hasn't received any in his mother tongue of Gujarati, which is something that must be rectified. Unfortunately, I don't know any Gujarati, so I'll write my review in Chinese and have Google translate it to Gujarati. What possibly wrong could go?!? જય એક મહાન યજમાન છે. તમે તેને રમૂજ અને ઉત્સાહ તેના અર્થમાં લાગે છે મળ્યા હતા. કોઈપણ રીતે, વરસાદ સારા પ્રકારની છે વેઈટ લિફટીંગ, જ્યારે છે. તમે તેમના ભોજન નિરાશ નથી શેર ભાગ!

It was great to see the founder himself on my first Meal share. I got the chance to know more about his vision and also get insight of the venture. I got a very good understanding and will be waiting to have meal share at my place in SF. Every one in the event was friendly and look forward to meet them again.

Jay is always great company to be with! Really wonderful seeing him in SF again! It was so great to hear about the exciting future of Mealsharing :) I can't wait to come and join you for a meal in "Chai-town"

This was the world's longest Mealshare commute for me! Kidding ... I only had to walk a block. Glad to have experienced a Mealshare at Jay's. The vegetarian Indian food (salad and channa masala) he whipped up were delicious. Thanks!

I loved officially meeting Jay at my Mealshare, apparently we had dined together before and had not realized it. I hope to attend one of his Mealshares and look forward to seeing him at future ones.

Once again Jay has raised the MealSharing bar not only with the fantastic Indian food but the fantastic top of the city location! This Mealshare was held in his building's spacious rooftop meeting space which boasted some of the best views of the city I have seen in a long time, absolutely a beautiful space and location to dine with great food and interesting people. As usual Jay is a fantastic host and cornerstone of Mealsharing! Be sure to attend and eat some of his magnificant Indian dishes at a future event!

I can't believe I haven't written a review for Jay yet! My bad. He is a very inspirational person and a great host/guest. I first met him because his friend Ainara from Berlin requested a meal from me and he came with her to my house. They brought flowers and chocolates and they were very nice. It turned out that Jay was the founder of Mealsharing and his stories about how the idea of Mealsharing came about were amazing. Since then we've been friends. He has a great personality and is so easy to get along with. Jay hosts often on Mealsharing too. The Indian food he makes is lip-smackingly good. Sometimes it gets even better when he invites his Mom over to cook ;) Anyway, he is truly a charming person and a highly recommended Mealshare host/guest.

The food was delicious, and the company was of course excellent.

Jay wasn't able to make it, but his mother made some really delicious Indian food. I had a great time chatting with the other guests. It was a great experience, and hopefully next time I'll get to meet Jay in person.

Jay was a great guest to have! So much fun chatting with him about MealShare and life. I'm honored that I got to be his one dinner in SF when there is SO much amazing food to be had in this city ;-) Awesome meal experience and I can't wait to host another one.

It was a pleasuring sharing a meal with Jay. He's very personable and has tons of great stories. It was so great to hear he's story behind the inspiration of starting this site. I would love to join him for another dinner in the future. Thanks Jay! If I ever get to Chicago, I'll certainly send you a meal request!

Jay is an amazing human! He is very insightful and has a very welcoming vibe. He is a pleasure to talk to and has interesting stories. I can't wait to share another meal w/ him!

This is actually the third time I have written a review for Jay. The other two seem to have gotten lost, probably because technology has it in for me. I have been a guest at Jay's several times, and have also seen him many more times at others' tables. He is totally cool, very gracious, and fun to be around. His stories are truly memorable, because you just can't make that $#!& up. I highly recommend attending his meals, and you will love having him as a guest. (This ok, Jay? Can I get paid now?)

It was a bit nerve wracking when I first saw that the founder of Meal Sharing was attending my very first Meal Share. But Jay was easygoing, charming, and extremely friendly. He was so appreciative of our Split Pea Coconut Curry and Brown Butter soup. It's a wonderful feeling to share food with other community minded people. Thanks, Jay, for starting this!

It was a very nice, fun experience! Jay is a fantastic host and his mother a fantastic cook! I met some very nice, interesting people and had great conversation along with the great Indian food. Will be hosting soon, cant wait!

Nice laid-back times! Good dude, will likely do it again some time!

Jay was absolutely phenomenal!! We had a wonderful experience at his home and the food he made was delicious. It was a great time and we all made new friends. Thank you Jay for having us over and letting us experience Meal Sharing with you!

I met a whole lot of awesome people here, and even made a new Facebook friend! I had a really great time meeting everyone. Of course, the food was incredible as well. The highlight for me was the peach curry that Jay made. It was amazing!

Jay is a wonderful host! My friends and I requested a meal share at Jay's after learning a bit about meal sharing - we were fortunate enough to spend an evening with Jay and some friends, chatting over a delicious Indian meal and getting to know about him and his meal sharing adventures. I love Jay's energy and enthusiasm for meal sharing and I think that he is accomplishing great things through this movement! We also started working on a meal sharing song that we will eventually have to finish writing and perform at every meal sharing event. Thanks, Jay for a great first meal sharing experience!

Jay was a supreme guest! He, John, and Adam came over for a meal share (our first time) and they were great guests! Jay is a great conversationalist and made himself comfortable in my house, which i think is great! He also offered to do the dishes. While this was awesome of him, I'd never let anyone do my dishes if they're a guest unless they start doing them while my back is turned, which he politely didn't do. Just a testament to what a cool guy he is! I had my friends join us for dessert and they all thought Jay, John, and Adam were great guys. I hope to be his guest sometime!

Jay was a fantastic host. I felt at home the entire time and loved meeting all the different people who attended the meal. Not to mention the food was fantastic and his home was beautiful. I'm really thankful to Jay and Mealsharing for giving me this experience, I was so glad to get out of the touristy parts of Chicago and hang out with cool people! In the future I'd welcome Jay and his friends into my home without hesitation.

Jay was simply the best. Very friendly, interesting, and chill. This was my first meal share and he immediately made me feel comfortable and welcome. Jay cooked up a delicious Indian dish with chickpeas, spices, and rice and we swapped entrepreneurial war stories over dinner in his building's awesome top-floor lounge. His friend Etienne also joined us and prepared a very tasty carrot and peanut salad. Both guys were great to talk with and I can't recommend a meal share with Jay enough!

We had a great! time. Such good people!!

Three of the most interesting people I've shared a meal with in a long time. Was delighted to serve Fried Chicken, Black Bean Salad, and Lemon Garlic Broccoli. Abe, Nick, and Jay were wonderful dinner guests...I hope they return soon.

Jay was my first mealshare guest, from all the way across the Atlantic. He’s tremendously relaxed and easy to get along with (made sure to compliment all the food ;-)), and he brought a Spanish friend, who in turn brought dessert! It was great fun sharing a meal with them, mostly because they were so genuinely into food and travel.

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