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Member Since:March, 2013
Hosted Meals: 1
Attended Meals: 0
Age: 34 years
Languages: Spanish, English, German
Occupation: Student, Translator
Peace, or something like that (Persepolis, Iran)
Breakfast in Isfahan, Iran
I think the title "Kitchen" will capture the essence of this photo
Nowadays the small table is replaced by an oversized one
Food is good


Berlin, Germany

Interesting fact about me
This is me not eating.
About Me
I'm a Dutch guy who ate dishes from half around the world. Usually I forget the names and how to prepare them, which might not be the best precondition when joining this site. Hopefully I can broaden my culinary horizon a bit here. I'm happy to help you out with the cooking and it would be appreciated if you would do the same with me.
Places I’ve Traveled
Amongst other places I have been almost half a year in South America and went on several trips to the Caucasus, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, the Baltic states, Belarus, etc. Most recently I have been several weeks in Iran and Iraq. For those who like to click on pictures:[email protected]/
What I Read, Watch, and Listen To
I don't watch television. I do enjoy films. I could name some, but I won't. I like literature, especially from the interbellum, mostly German, French, Dutch, British and Russian authors, which doesn't narrow it down all too much. My musical preferences range from 80's new wave, post-punk, minimal wave, synthpop to more recent electronic music and some neofolk and indie as well.

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Mealsharing with Erik was a blast! He's really talkative and knowledgeable so there's plenty to talk about with him! He also has really good insights about his own country that are really interesting to listen to. If you can... don't miss out on him!

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