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Member Since:April, 2015
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Pilsen, Chicago

About Me
Hey! I'm a Chicago native from the south-side and I love to create food that relfects my Mexican culture and incorporates other cultures as well. I cook mostly vegan and strive to use local, organic and sustainable ingredients. Check me out on Instagram @di_dos.
Places I’ve Traveled
I studied abroad in India for five months, volunteered in Ecuador and Peru, took a class in England and Scotland and traveled to Malaysia and Sri Lanka for fun, and have family in Mexico.

4 Reviews 

I absolutely loved having Diana over! She was super cool, and Sweet. I'm excited to try her future meals and would love to have her over again!

Sharing a meal with Diana was so wonderful. I loved hearing about how she discovers ingredients in the city, and can't wait to try her food! I recommend sharing a meal with her :)

Diana and her sister created an incredibly warm, welcoming environment. The food was delicious, the company was great, and it was such a fun, comfortable way to practice speaking Spanish. It felt very special, and you could tell they worked hard, but at the same time, it was comfortable and fun. Wish I could have meals like that more often!

I have shared a ton of meals with Diana both in small and big groups. She is a fantastic chef who not only knows about the roots of meals, various recipes but is constantly evolving by testing various foods by taking into consideration various diets and food-limitations of cultures. One of my favorite aspect of Diana's food/stories is how she bring indian food together with Mexican food as she has travelled and lived in India and is brought up in Mexican neighborhood in Chicago!

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