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About me
Member Since:October, 2012
Hosted Meals: 1
Attended Meals: 0
Age: 30 years
Languages: Spanish, English, German
Occupation: Studing and working
Typical German Christmas cookies I made last year.
Proud cooks!
In a German bathtub sculpture.
Eating with friends!
Protesting against nuclear energy.


Berlin, Berlin

Interesting fact about me
I am from near the old end of the world!
About Me
I am Ana and I've been living in Berlin for the last 2 years and before that I lived in Poland for 1 year. I'm from the north of Spain and the cold is really hard to get used to. But I really like it here. I love everything to do with environmental issues and ecological stuff. I studied tourism and I want to do a master's in Ecological Tourism here in Germany.
Why I Share Meals
I want to have a new experience, meet really cool people and get to know other cultures through their dishes.
Places I’ve Traveled
Spain,Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Kroatia, Germany, Turkey, England, Italy, Portugal,France, USA, Canada,Iceland.
What I Read, Watch, and Listen To
Breaking Bad, Spanish movie Noviembre - Achero Mañas-, Amelie, The City of Hapinnes -Dominique Lapierre-,
A Memory of a Home-Cooked Meal
In Iceland, 4 years ago in a work camp, we went fishing and then we grilled the fish in the beach. It was me and friends and it was a lot of fun and super tasty and fresh.
Who I’d Like to Have a Meal With
With Woody Allen. Seems like it would be fun.
I’m Interested In
  • Books
  • Environmet
  • nature
  • Kayak
  • knitting
  • traveling
I Love to Eat
  • Fish
  • Seafood
I'd Like to Explore
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese
  • Camerunese

2 Reviews 

Ana was a great host! We had super yummy chocolate fondue and crepes. We did a "merienda-cena". Which is a very spanish thing to do. Basically you eat enough for "merienda", that you don't need to eat dinner. It was a really cool mealsharing with different people meeting for the first time and it was very interesting! Warm, cozy and tasty! (and chocolate, did I mention there was chocolate?)

Ana is great as a guest. She was right on time and if I had let her... she would've made Nutella crepes! She's really sweet and she got along with my roommate right away. She was always ready to laugh and we had a great time.

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