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About me
Member Since:October, 2014
Hosted Meals: 1
Attended Meals: 3
Age: 27 years
Languages: English, Russian
Occupation: Full time student


Williamsburg, New York

About Me
I love both making and eating good food. Would be fun to share meals with like-minded people!
Why I Share Meals
Meeting interesting people, learning new cooking styles and recipes. Such an awesome idea!
Places I’ve Traveled
Lived in: Russia, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, USA Travelled to: Dominican Republic, Cuba, England, France, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Ukraine, Mongolia, China, Thailand Couchsurfed in Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Grand Canyon, Denver in summer 2014
A Memory of a Home-Cooked Meal
Medium rare tuna in soy-ginger marinade and a side of honey glazed sweet potatoes
Who I’d Like to Have a Meal With
Gautama Buddha
I’m Interested In
  • Bikram
  • traveling
  • dance
  • art
  • deep house
  • jazz
  • reading
  • psychology
I Love to Eat
  • fish tacos
  • salads
  • desserts
  • pasta
  • seafood
  • healthy
I'd Like to Explore
  • vegetarian
  • thai
  • mexican
  • japanese
  • southern
  • italian
  • greek
  • meditteranean
  • peruvian

4 Reviews 

After seeing Yulia's amazing meals, I finally got to share a meal with her. Yulia is so great, and has amazing NYC events to recommend, including morning dance parties. If you have the chance to share a meal with her, don't miss out!

Giving you another review so that you can have this picture in your profile :) Such good food!!!!

Yulia was a great host! I had a lot of fun talking to her about everything from her traveling adventures to fun things to do in NYC off the beaten path. The brunch was delicious as well. I highly recommend!

Super well traveled, Yulia is super friendly and has many stories to share. I loved to host her and I'm looking forward to be her guest for a Mealshare! Can't wait to see how spicy the food she cooks is

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