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South of Market, San Francisco

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Read all about me here: I’m Tracy and over the years I have baked cakes for friends, family, and co-workers for birthdays, holidays and special occasions. I always ask for a Challenge: Your favorite flavors, favorite kind of desserts — keep it interesting. That’s when my creativity kicks in. If you have questions, have a challenge for me, or wish for me to share one of these recipes, please feel free to Holla atta Bitch.

4 Reviews 

Hi! For some reason I can't get my computer to cooperate, but I hoped to give Tracey 5 stars, nay 6! She's incredible, and the treats she makes are just wonderful. I especially like the Andes Mint and Red Wine cupcakes. TO DIE FOR. Again, 5 stars, even though it's not coming across over the computer!

Tracy's cupcakes literally made everything in my week better. She is so talented and creative- all I did was tell her what flavors I liked, and she baked the cupcakes exactly to my liking. Best cupcakes- and frosting- I've ever had. I shared the cupcakes with 12 people, and nobody could stop eating them. If Tracy could make the baked goods for every event in my life, that would be great <3 Cupcakes were beautiful, and I loved picking them up because Tracy was so warm; it was like stopping at an old friends house. So highly recommend.

Tracy was really nice and the cake was deliscious. The idea of a custom cake is great and I got a cake with all the flavors I love. You wont be disappointed.

Tracy is the best! Super down to earth, smart, funny and a damn good baker! We Definitely try her cakes if you get the chance! Can't wait to mealshare with in the near future!

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