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Member Since:September, 2014
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Languages: English


South Loop, Chicago

Interesting fact about me
I'll eat anything, once.
About Me
After eating my way around the world, I landed in Chicago and am looking forward to getting to know great food and people in my new city.
Places I’ve Traveled
I took 5 years off to travel the world, meet people, and eat. Simple vegetable soup in Iceland, street food in Saigon, pintxos in Barcelona, ice cream in Rapa Nui, vending machine (!) ramen in Tokyo, Copper River salmon in Alaska, and so much more! I'm no longer on an extended sabbatical, but still traveling and eating as often as I can.

6 Reviews 

It was such a pleasure to share a meal with Susan! She is a very welcoming and friendly host. The food was unbelievably delicious as well and was presented beautifully (definitely jealous of that table). Would love to have the opportunity to share a meal again :)

Susan is a Painter,Photographer,Traveler,oenophile,Good Cook and a Great Host.Well let me sum it up,she is "Incredible".This event is a good experience to know about Vietnamese food.Food was awesome and desserts especially the Cookies infused with Ice cream and balls made of dates are the highlight.Susan offered a lot of wines and conversations went way over the event time.Sam,Ericka,Judy and Matt everyone were super cool and made this event more fun.Susan's home is really well organized and beautiful.God Bless.Please host moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :):)

This was one of the most delicious meals I've eaten and something not easily found in a restaurant. So full of fresh herbs and veggies. And excellent environment as well with just the right size group for good table conversation.

Aaron (Matthew)
It was great seeing Susan again. She is one of the more worldly and curious people I've met. Never a boring gathering with you - see you next time!

Susan is a great dinner guest! She knows a lot about food and is very passionate about it. She's also well traveled and has bagful of stories about other cultures. I enjoyed our dinner conversation and I definitely learned a lot from her. Highly recommend having her at your dinner table.

It was very pleasant to meet Susan, really enjoyed the conversation with her. Welcome to Chicago!

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