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Member Since:January, 2015
Hosted Meals: 3
Attended Meals: 0
Languages: German, English
Occupation: I`m currently wrapping up my Bachelor degree in Social- and Cultural Anthropology at the Free University Berlin. At night I work at a very nice bar in my neighborhood from time to time...when not working I still usually end up there meeting friends and other people - would love to bring you along after our dinner as well!
Mealshare with Lyn,Fabio,Simon,Katha,Tobi,Anne and Merve
Vegan Tofu-Peanut-Banana Burgers and Sweet Potatoe Fries..YUMM


Berlin, Berlin

Interesting fact about me
Fun Fact: My mums family comes from a long line of butchers (family business since over 250 years)..I`m the very first one to be a vegetarian..once even vegan ;)
About Me
Cooking was one of the first things i was taught by both my mum and my grandmother. I loved spending the afternoons in the kitchen, helping them to prepare wonderful dishes for the whole family. I was born in a small town in Thuringia, so we usually cooked very traditional german food - a lot of meat and potatoe packed meals but also very seasonal and local food. My grandma had a huge garden, where she planted all kinds of fruits and vegetables. It was beautiful and sometimes we spent hours and hours eating fresh strawberries and raspberries, we were supposed to collect for the cake. This is something I miss a lot living in a small appartment in Berlin. The huge variety on culinary influences totally makes up for it though. There are so many restaurants, markets and special supermarkets to discover in this colourful city! I love eating as much as I love cooking - so Berlin treats me pretty well...especially as a vegetarian! I believe that the way people cook reveals a lot of their personality and the culture they live in, which is why I love cooking with people when Im travelling. The best restaurants will never be able to make you feel the way a home-cooked meal does.
Why I Share Meals
I love cooking with my friends and sharing recipes and I love meeting new people and share all kinds of experiences with why not combine?! A meal is the perfect opportunity to get to know each other and have a wonderful evening or morning or afternoon together.
A Memory of a Home-Cooked Meal
My mum used to make the best! cakes when I was a kid. When playing outside in the garden the sweet smell of fresh baked cake would float in the air as she put the cake on the window shelf to cool down. I always got so excited trying her new creations, I had to try it when it was still way too hot to eat...always burnt my tongue! Whenever I walk the streets now smelling a similar smell I remember those days and the look on my mums face when once again I destroyed her cake =)
I’m Interested In
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Travelling
  • Art
  • Photography
  • Food
  • Languages
I'd Like to Explore
  • As long as no meat is involved..absolutely everything!
What my meals are like
I cook mostly vegan, sometimes vegetarian dishes with all kinds of culinary influences..mostly indian, thai, italian...undefined! There are many beautiful markets around my neighborhood so I try to cook with very fresh ingredients and mostly healthy..there is always an exception though..since I love chocolate! =)
Who You Might Meet at My Table
You are most likely to meet one of my wonderful roommates or one of my friends, since most of them live around the corner!
Where my meals happen
In the is not very big, which is why I can`t have too many people over..but its very cozy! I would love to invite you to the bar I work at after dinner which is right around the corner and offers more space and even more coziness.
Types of meals I make
  • Italian
  • Indian
  • German
  • Undefined

6 Reviews 

It was a very cozy and nice atmosphere. The food was prepared with great attention to detail and there was a huge variety of delicacies. Really very very tasty. Sofie was very friendly and an excellent host and the coffee was great :-) It was great a pleasure!

Sofie is a very great host and such a lovely person!! Everything she prepared for her sunday brunch was made with lots of love!!! I went to the market with Sofie to buy all these fresh and healthy looking fruits and vegetables she wanted to serve at the brunch. She prepared soo many nice things, i wished i could eat forever!! And she also turned her sleeping room into a very cozy dining room with a beautifully decorated table!! It is always a pleasure to share a meal with Sofie!!!

Dinner with Sofie was amazing! She prepared vegan Burgers. I am used to meat burgers, but she really convinced me that they are just as great vegan style! Sofie provided a very familiar atmosphere, with candles, good music and her sunny attitude. I felt right at home :) I can definitely recommend Sofie. If you don't share a meal with her, you're missing out!

Sofie and his friends were great! I had an awesome time trying two versions of her vegie burgers and several other vegan ingredients for our meal. Most importantly, it was a great night: I had awesome conversations and met people I would only meet through meal sharing. Thanks Sofie!

ich freue mich immer sehr, wenn es heißt "sofie kocht". sie bereit immer alles mit sehr viel liebe zu, verwendet gute und gesunde zutaten und lässt sich tolle kreationen einfallen, bei denen sie sich von ihren vielen reisen inspirieren lässt. ich hoffe ja immer noch sehr, dass sofie irgendwann einmal ihr eigenes kleines cafe aufmacht, mit vielen kleinen köstlichkeiten und liebevoller atmosphäre. das wäre honig für die seele ;)

Sofie is so passionate about food culture! She has such interesting stories about being the first vegetarian in a long line of chefs. Can't wait to have her food, and she's welcome at my Chicago meals anytime :)

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