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About me
Member Since:October, 2013
Hosted Meals: 1
Attended Meals: 0
Age: 44 years
Languages: Spanish, English, French
Occupation: Journalist for a Contents Agency. I am in charge of


Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid

Interesting fact about me
I decided to create a positive movement with 3 more friends and we have stoicked more that 20.000 posits in Madrid and other cities around the world with the message "Anyone can have a good day". Follow us
About Me
I am crazy journalist who loves traveling and meeting people more than eating chips. I love spending my time in the kitchen,, good wine and time to cook.
Why I Share Meals
Share and show people what we eat and what we do for living and having fun in this amazing city
Places I’ve Traveled
I have been from Australia and Japan to Hawaii, stopping by in countries like Russia, South Africa, Argentina, Brasil, Guatelama, Honduras, Mexico,.....and of course all around Europe
What I Read, Watch, and Listen To
Movies from the 80's like Goonies, Warriors, Star Wars, Indiana Jones,.... Book Confederacy of Dunces and Lord of the rings ( I read it in 1992 when I was 16 years old and I was living in Russia)
A Memory of a Home-Cooked Meal
Meatballs from my grandma.....
Who I’d Like to Have a Meal With
I’m Interested In
  • Cinema
  • Travel
  • A nice conversation
  • Soccer
I Love to Eat
  • Sushi
  • Tacos
  • Paella
  • Pasta
  • Tortilla de patata
  • noodles
I'd Like to Explore
  • I love asian cuisine
  • but also mexican

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