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About me
Member Since:November, 2012
Hosted Meals: 1
Attended Meals: 0
Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish
Occupation: Creative.


Berlin, Berlin

Interesting fact about me
Brazilian creative living in Berlin.
About Me
Friday night out and saturday morning relaxing on the beach.
Why I Share Meals
Meet new people and try great food!!!
Places I’ve Traveled
The best places I've lived in so far have been Amsterdam and Madrid. And I love beach places like Barcelona and Valencia and San Sebastián. In Brazil, just go to Bahia, it has the most beautiful coast of all of Brazil.
What I Read, Watch, and Listen To
I like Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Incubus and Red Hot Chili Peppers. When it comes to shows I like shows like Friends, Big Bang Theory. Movies: City of God, Moonrise Kingdom.
Who I’d Like to Have a Meal With
My mum!
I’m Interested In
  • Music
  • movies
  • meeting people
  • having fun
I Love to Eat
  • seafood
  • spanish
  • mexican
  • brazilian
  • italian
  • greek
I'd Like to Explore
  • any seafood

2 Reviews 

Rodrigo was, again, a great guest. We had a great time over Pan Tumaca and Nutella cake. He brought with him an awesome friend and I really loved my time with them. At the end of the night Rodrigo insisted in doing the dishes... and he just wouldn't take no for an answer. Pretty sweet!

Rodrigo was a super good guest. He was on time and he did the dishes afterwards! Really easy to talk to and with a great sense of humor. He's great and I would mealshare with him any time. Looking forward to a brunch mealshare!

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