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I am a raw vegan chef from the United States. I have a passion for healthy food that is gourmet with unique flavors. I want to share my knowledge of veganism as well as talent for food preparation. Join me at one of my dinners and experience a new kind of dining.

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Hi, the dinner was delicious, fun and filling and Rai is a great host and a lovely person. It was great to talk to her and to understand more about what raw veganism is. We absolutely adored the raw vegan cheese, Cesar salad was creative and really filled us up, my fav part were the zucchini spaghetti which I will start preparing at home as well, coconut soup was so well prepared you can't even tell it's raw and that none of the ingredients were cooked and there's no better way to finish it all off than with a lovely (and good-sized :) dessert. Thank you and wishing you best of luck!

A piece of heaven! The Spanish heaven... That was what we got - it was no easy task for Rai - we had asked for a culinaric experience for 15 people. We arrived a bit early, but nonetheless we were shown into a large studio with angles flying around on the ceiling and candle lights. It was planned to be a tapas evening with many different flavours and we had agreed on a fixed price. We got everything we had dreamed of and more - it was fantastic! Clearly better than all the restaurants we had tried during a week in Barcelona. Rai and her friend were so friendly and welcoming - we ended the evening with a nice talk about Barcelona and Spain in generel. Don't hesitate to book a dinner for your party!

Muy buen taller con Rai Despues del taller me cruzè con un fruto en un banco y saliò esta composicion vegana ;)

Hola el taller de Rai fue muy interesante Ella es super disponible y profesional... la comida muy buena ... asi que recomendo

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