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Member Since:July, 2016
Hosted Meals: 2
Attended Meals: 0
Languages: English, Bengali, Hindi
Occupation: Marketing job in an MNC
Vada pao - the classic tasty Mumbai street food snack made at home
British roast dinner - roast chicken, crunchy roast potatoes, bread sauce, gravy
Table laid out before one of my dinner parties
Luchi a classic Eastern Indian snack - puffed bread with potato curry & lentils
Burmese Khowsuey - Noodles, Chicken in Coconut Gravy & multiple garnishings


Mumbai, MH

Interesting fact about me
I bring the best of classic Indian and British cooking having lived part of my life in India and part of my life in the UK.
About Me
Cooking is a hobby, something I am passionate about. I currently live and work in Mumbai and previously used to live in London for several years. I originate from Kolkata, in Eastern India. Being passionate about food and cooking since I was a teenager, I have been curious and picked up recipes and cooking styles from a variety of sources. I have a melange of authentic family recipes as well as recipes I have learnt from British friends in London and local friends in India. I have also learnt at cooking classes across countries. All of these recipes, I have perfected by cooking for friends and family over many years. Now I want to share it with other food lovers.
Why I Share Meals
I get a great sense of joy in cooking and feeding my friends and family. My dining table has been witness to interesting spreads of delicious home cooked meals and the accompanying camaraderie and banter at those meals. Family and friends as well as friends of friends from different cities from round the world have enjoyed meals at my home. Now I want to open up these experiences to nice people who visit my city or already live here. Meeting new people and hearing their experiences is what I enjoy a lot. Meal sharing will give me an opportunity for both.
Places I’ve Traveled
I have travelled to most countries in Western Europe, many parts of India and other parts of Asia and also parts of the US. On my travels, I avidly absorb the history and culture of the places and actively sample the local cusines.
What I Read, Watch, and Listen To
Movies - American Hustle, The Usual Suspects, Untouchables, Man on the Ledge. Bands - Far too many to list as I am a self proclaimed music afficianado. The genre I love is alternative rock - bands like Muse, Green Day, Vampire Weekend, Alt J, Florence and the Machine and more recently Catfish and The Bottlemen.
A Memory of a Home-Cooked Meal
So many memories of great home cooked meals. From my childhood, I recall the delicious Mutton Biriyani and Kebabs that my aunt would cook for me in Kolkata, India. From my days in London, I recall the fabulous roasts that would be cooked on Sundays at the warm and welcoming home of our friends Mike and Julie. Back in Mumbai, I recall a simple vegetarian meal that my old neighbour spontaneously cooked for us on the day we were moving out. The flavours and tastes from these meals linger on in my memory and taste buds as does the love and care with which they were prepared.
I’m Interested In
  • music
  • cooking
I Love to Eat
  • Curries
  • Roasts
  • Biriyani
  • Stir Frys
  • Cakes
What my meals are like
My style of cooking is robust, classic dishes cooked with spontaneity and a bit of flair. I keep a watch on the health implications while not compromising on the taste. I plan the menus carefully so they are innovative, comprehensive and the dishes complement each other. I love using interesting colourful tableware and have collected them from all my travels. Where feeding my visitors is concerned, I believe more is better, the spread should look substantial and they should leave the table very satisfied. I would like to meet people who are friendly and warm and curious about new cultures and cuisines.
Who You Might Meet at My Table
My friendly and informed teenage daughter who makes engaging conversation
Where my meals happen
At my comfortable 6 seater modern dining table which sits conveniently nestled between my kitchen and my bright and airy contemporary living space overlooking a balcony with spectacular views of the South Mumbai skyline from my well presented high rise apartment.
Types of meals I make
  • Indian
  • British
  • Pan Asian
Meal profile title
A melange of classic cusines from India, Britain and other parts of Asia with views over the Mumbai skyline

1 Review 

Priya's home cooking is incredible! My wife, dad, and I went to her home for the most delicious Bengali food ever! Priya is super cool, has great stories to share and her daughter is such a lovely person to spend time with (she even played a song on piano for us :). All in all, excellent mealshare! Request them when you are in Mumbai!

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