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Member Since:January, 2014
Hosted Meals: 10
Attended Meals: 26
Age: 25 years
Languages: English
Occupation: Entrepreneur, Blogger, Podcaster
Bánh Mì, fo' me?
Shiny happy (and hungry) people
Bánh Xèo, Vietnamese Style Crêpes
Let me take a #SELFIE
Vietnamese Pork Skewer Wraps
Had to include this...


College Hill, Wichita

Interesting fact about me
In honor of my mom, Jackie, and my dad, Harry, and my love of 80s romantic comedies, I secretly want to make a documentary titled "When Harry Met Jackie".
About Me
Hello! I think the best description of me is that I am a friend to everyone. I'm happy talking with all different kinds of people and naturally try to understand others' perspectives. That might owe itself to the fact that I grew up with multicultural parents (my mom emigrated from Vietnam when she was 12 and my dad was raised as a good ol' Florida boy). I always thought my childhood was painfully boring, growing up in the suburbs of Wichita, and perhaps I used that as an excuse to dabble and bounce around all my life. But now that I've left, I see how special the people I grew up with were to me. I'm beginning to realize that my medium is people and that my purpose is to create spaces where people can connect and relationships can be made. And Mealsharing is another amazing tool I've found that does just that!
Why I Share Meals
I want to create an inviting space where people can come together and have an experience that goes deeper than eating out at a restaurant full of strangers. I want to enjoy good food and good company!
Places I’ve Traveled
In 2013 I took a two month trip through Western Europe where I had my first proper Guinness (Ireland), volunteered on a dairy farm (The Netherlands), went down the Rhine River (Germany), and participated in my first Harlem Shake video (France). In 2011 I went on a 10-day trip through Italy. From nights in a convent in the Umbrian town of Spoleto to choir singing inside of the Pantheon to community feasts with the churchgoers of Lucca to impromptu sidewalk concerts under the archways of Florence, Italy had a little bit of everything and then some for us. I want to take my next big trip throughout Southeast Asia and visit Vietnam, the country my mother is from.
What I Read, Watch, and Listen To
Movies: When Harry Met Sally, any Woody Allen movies Bands: Typhoon, Alt-J, AWOLNATION (at the moment) Books: If on a winter's night a traveler, The Sun Also Rises Shows: Downton Abbey (duh), How I Met Your Mother :'-(
A Memory of a Home-Cooked Meal
Every Christmas. Of course we had the classic dishes: ham, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, corn, rolls. But since we always spent Christmas with my mom's family, we had all the Vietnamese goodies too: fried rice, spring rolls, egg rolls, lettuce wraps (if you can roll it, we had it!)
Who I’d Like to Have a Meal With
Ernest Hemingway and the rest of the Lost Generation, Woody Allen, and of course Annette Radziszewski any day of the week!
I’m Interested In
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Cities
  • Shared Spaces
  • Exercise
  • Holistic Health
  • Dance
  • Movies
  • Travel
  • Adventure

28 Reviews 

I love fish! And I love tacos!! Wow!

Paul is the "glue" that binds us all. Great job coordinating and creating a great vibe and spirit!

Paul is great. Thanks for inviting me and showing me mealshare.

Paul organized a wonderful BBQ picnic meal share here in Chicago before he left for LA. Great people, great food! Best of luck in LA, and hopefully we'll meet again soon!

Paul was an awesome host! It was his last Mealshare before he left to LA, so this one was more like hangout at the park with. He brought this little grill and made really great marinated bratwurst sandwiches! He also prepared this salads, dessert, sangria... It was absolutely great. Wonderful crowd and wonderful time at the park. Best of luck to Paul and hope he continues this Mealshare in LA!

I hosted Paul at my place to an evening of gumbo, maps & Lake Michigan. It was such a rad experience! I'd love to host another meal with Paul, but he's moving on to LA. Chicago will miss you, pal!

Paul is chill and very welcoming! I definitely hope to hang with him again soon. We had great food and an even better view of Chicago!

Paul offered up a fantastic Mealshare on his building roof top deck. Great, food, great company and great location. LA is gaining a fantastic Mralsharing ambassador!

Paul offer a fantastic Mealshare at a fantastic location on the top deck of his building. Great food, great people and great view! So sad to see him go, LA is gaining a excellent Mealsharer!

Paul is high-energy. He's an excellent cook and a great host. Completely enjoyed dining on the rooftop with him and his other guests. Chicago is going to miss him when he leaves for that self-centered pit of ugliness and gross in L.A.

My mealshare with Paul was really awesome. It was my first mealshare and Paul made Bahn Mi and delicious drinks. He was super hospitable and super fun. By then end of the night we were listening to music and laughing really loud--my kind of night.

This was my first Meal Share, and what a lovely experience. Paul's a great cook and it really good at creating a welcoming dynamic between a bunch of strangers. So much good conversation over good food with good people. Thanks, Paul, for introducing me to this.

Paul was great- he had just gotten back into the city for the weekend, and was still fresh and happy and ready to eat! Gracious and interesting, and I would love to see him at another mealshare!

Awesome time with Paul when he visited Milwaukee. It was great to finally enjoy a MealShare up here and I hope it's the first of many more. Would love to do another at some point and really open up the Milwaukee market. And he grilled the brats exactly how I like them....BURNT!

Paul's mealshare was incredible. Seriously. It was my first one and I can't wait to go back (both for another mealshare in general and to Paul's). He was welcoming, funny, and the food was delicious. We lucked out and we able to sit on the rooftop where we had a beautiful view of the sunset and fireworks. DEFINITELY sign up for this. Between the food, drink, and fantastic conversation (and dancing!) you will not regret it.

Paul's meal share was so much fun! I was in Chicago for the weekend couch surfing when he invited me to his home / dinner table for some delicious food, good conversation, and time with other meal sharers. He is extremely personable, which made the experience to a newbie like me all the more enjoyable. I would definitely recommend his meal sharing capabilities. Love the atmosphere!

Paul meal share was a blast! Fresh Vietnamese food with flavors that popped. Great guy, wonderful stories. We all went out afterwords and had a blast. Would definitely go to Paul's again.

Paul is such a cool kid! He definitely knows how to blend all the flavors to create something refreshing and delicious! I went to his Vietnamese Americana mealshare on Saturday and had a great time! The view from his apartment is phenomenal. We watched the thunderstorm coming down on the lake. There's nothing like just chilling and watching the thunderstom coming. The dinner was very good too. The food was great and so did the conversation. Paul even put on a playlist from this Vietnamese DJ he met when he was in the Netherlands. Very impressive! I totally recommend sharing a meal with him!

Paul did an awesome job on his mealshare. His skewers and salad both turned out great, and the view from his apartment is fantastic! I love the fact that he's so into 90s pop culture, but I think he should actually dial it up to the point where he answers the door in MC Hammer pants. Other than that small nitpick, I highly recommend Paul's mealshares!

This was such a great experience. My first! Not only was Paul a great host but such a great person to spend an evening with. The food and drinks were fantastic but the company was even better. So great to spend an evening with such great people. Paul- hopefully we will meet again soon but if not , good luck on your travels. Wherever you go people will be all the better to have known you.

Paul is the ultimate. I would stop my review right there, but that would be leaving out so many details. First, with a smile and a handshake, you are warmly greeted at the door. With so many ingredients that go into his meals, you will find yourself surrounded by great smells wafting from every corner of the room. From the Dark & Stormy cocktail, to the delicious food, Paul knows how to throw one heck of a party. Conversation flowing, we took our night out onto his patio and watched as the world floated by for awhile. Amazing food, but the true experience is in the radical conversation had all night long. Do yourself a favor and get over to this guys place for the next one!

What a great young men. It was a delight to have him over for dinner. He is very very friendly and outgoing and had immediately conversations with everybody at the table. It was just a pleasure to be around him. I heard he is a great cook too so I hope I can make it soon to one of his meal shares too

Paul's chefery skills are radical: he served his version of lettuce wraps, mango and tomato salad, and handmixed rum cocktails, all while effortlessly playing entertainer to the group of friends. Excellent experience overall. The view off his balcony gives guests an uncommon vantage of the lake. My recommendation: getting in on Paul's next meal!

Paul is great! He is a wonderful cook, an attentive host, and an all around great person. At the meal share I went to the conversation was flowing like friends getting together for dinner despite most people meeting for the first time. He has a great space for hosting with a view of the lake, too. It was instantly a homey, friendly and relaxed atmosphere to be yourself and and eat great food. Plus, I have got to hand it to someone who makes me want to eat fish sauce, mint and peanuts together without hesitation! I will definitely be going to one of Paul's meal shares again!

I went into this dinner not knowing what to expect but I have to say well done sir! The meal was divine, the company and conversation were delightful. Paul really knows how to cook a good Phò. Highly recommend!

Paul is a charming, friendly, mature, and conscientious host. We were a mix of people who didn't all know each other and he really facilitated conversation and fun. The meal was a blast and I really enjoyed his Aunt's recipe for Pho. In addition to the delicious fresh healthy meal, he also made themed Lychee-tinis and appetizers. The views of the park and lake from his Lakeview apartment were incredible and with the patio open - it was almost dining al fresco! I'm so glad I choose this mealshare.

What an absolute delight to have Paul come to my Do Division Meal Share just 2 days ago! He has a great sense of humor, very mature - yet still a lot of fun! Don't let his age fool you! He's not your typical young-in! Ha! We had a wonderful time at the Meal Share and at the fest. I completely recommend him as a guest. I hope to come to his next Meal Share since I can't make the one he's hosting tonight. Bummer!

I met Paul for the first time at my Masters mealshare this past weekend and it was an absolute pleasure having him over. Easy to talk to and fun to be around, I would definitely recommend mealsharing with Paul. I hope to see him at a mealshare again in the near future. Very cool guy!

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