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Member Since:December, 2013
Hosted Meals: 1
Attended Meals: 0
Age: 47 years
Languages: Spanish, English
Occupation: Arquitecto / Architect
Cocochas de Bacalao al pilpil
Pollo en pepitoria


Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid

Interesting fact about me
Ven a comer en las viviendas más modernas de los años 30 en Madrid / Come for lunch on the 1930´s top modern dwellings in Madrid!
About Me
Creo que no se puede conocer un lugar sin conocer a las personas que allí viven. Yo te abro las puertas de mi casa para que conozcas Madrid. ¿Te gusta la Arquitectura? Entonces pasarermos un buen rato. I believe that you can´t know a place without meet the people live in. I open my home´s door for you to know about Madrid. ¿Do you like Architecture? So we´ll sure have a good time.
Places I’ve Traveled
For me being curious is the best way to travel, just looking for a building out of the way makes you meet real unique common people and their places
I’m Interested In
  • Architecture
  • Art Travel Cinema

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