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Member Since:August, 2014
Hosted Meals: 0
Attended Meals: 2
Age: 33 years
Languages: English
Occupation: Filmmaker


Crown Heights, New York

Interesting fact about me
I have hitchhiked across the country!
About Me
Hi! I'm a filmmaker, musician, and a few other things based here in New York! I first discovered mealsharing when I was staying with a couchsurfing host in Chicago. We had a great time and I look forward to getting involved in it here in New York!
I’m Interested In
  • Music
  • movies
  • philosophy
  • reading

2 Reviews 

It was nice meeting Matt. His incredible knowledge of films and travel were great to hear. Hope our paths cross soon again!

A fellow traveler! At the meal, I was delighted to discover that Matt and I road-tripped across America at the same time. Now we are both settling into our lives as New Yorkers. Matt's a funny guy too. My first interaction with him was him picking up Jessica (our host)'s phone and pretending to be her. Can't wait to hang with you again man!

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