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Berlin, Berlin

About Me
My name is Gimena (30) I am from Argentina, the country of the meat and the mate :) My dream: Travel around the world visiting new places, and (the more important thing) connecting with new people. I dont believe borders and nationalities. And i keep my faith in humanity, because the people i meet while I am travelling shows me that IT IS POSSIBLE! I am a free soul, learning about this every single day of my life. I wanna help and learn from the people. I am an open girl with good sense of humor, but also a big sense of sensibility. I can feel things happening without talk. I am convinced that people do not cross roads just for casuality, and of course casuality for me doesn´t exist. One thing i learn recently: to follow my instincts. Sometimes it´s hard. But that is the correct way. I started to travel to put my self in a totally diferent situation that allows me to discover diferent skills that I had inside me. I love art. I studied Architecture in Argentina, as i realice that i dont want to dedicate my life to this career, i have to recognize that this fields gives me a good "eye" to see in a diferent way. When i had the oportunitty the first thing i did was to buy a camara, and now im so passionate taking pictures in black and white while im travelling. I really enjoy cooking! I feel so passionat with new recipies. I find in food another kind of art. Another thing that makes me feel passionate is acting. I am deeply in love with theater and acting! I studied acting for one year in Argentina and it was amazing! I had to stopped it because of my need to travel. I am starting up my life in Berlin with a lot of expectation. I love this city, how inspirational you can feel just walking around it. I am living in the nice Mitte neighborhood with my couple and 2 friends who I am sharing my days in a lovely atmosphere. We really love cooking and we realize that we love it more if we can share it <3 So our offer to you is to meet up with the excuse to have a tasty and healthy dinner for a really reasonable price, feeling like home and make up some new friends :) We cook all VEGAN and Gourmet food. We guarantee you that all you will taste in here it will be a new discover for you and your palate, and of course you can keep the recipes :) What do you say?
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"Real VEGAN - Hygge experience"

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Amazing experience in Berlin. Delicious healthy food. Wonderful company. These 3 girls are simply AWESOME. I had the chance to meet Gimena, Maria Jesús and Agustina in their home in the vibrant city of Berlin. We shared an unforgetable dinner along with interesting talks and very warm latin company. The food was incredibly tasty: vegetarian cannelloni filled with soya meat and covered with bechamel sauce and melted cheese on top... Super Yummy!!!!! I absolutely recommend spending an evening at Gimena's place, for sure you won't regret it :)

My first MealSharing experience was in Gimena's house and I must say it won't be the last one! Gimena, María Jesus and Agustina are AWESOME cooks and simply beautiful people. In terms of food, I must confess I wasn't expecting to enjoy vegan food so much, but it was delicious and most surprising! We had Couscous, wine and a yummy homemade mango, red fruits and kiwi ice-cream (photo). Even though the food was excellent, I would also like to mention the company in my review. Gimena, María Jesús and Agustina are really lovely. They are very passionate about food and cooking. They also love travelling and meeting new people, so sharing your experiences and stories with them over a good meal is really nice. I definitely recommend spending an evening with them, getting to know them and enjoying a nice time in a latin environment in the heart of Berlin!

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