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Kips Bay, New York

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Growing up my mum cooked weekends and had cooks during weekdays and I'd spend as much time as I could kitchen. Almost all my favorite memories are food related. My life and education have been in England, Zimbabwe, South Africa and the United States. I now live and work in NYC where I've been lucky enough to pursue my passion for food. I love to travel and restaurant hop, my favorite city to eat in is Stockholm. I don't have a favorite dish but I embrace my Zimbabwean British background whole heartedly and absolutely love to apply a classic twist to dishes I grew up with. I am passionate about making really ethnic food more appealing, palatable and more accessible to everyone else. I love Zimbabwean food and I believe many people will love it too.
Places I’ve Traveled
My life and education have been in England. l have traveled to and lived in Germany, Sweden, Zimbabwe, Spain, Egypt, Kenya, Zambia, France, Italy, South Africa, Greece, and now live in New York.
What my meals are like
l love hosting tourists, people from different countries
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On my Rooftop

2 Reviews 

Kim is awesome! I had a blast Meal Sharing with her and my friends :) The night was filled with delicious food, laughs, and even ended up at the local bar with some good ol' fashioned dancing! Definitely mealshare with Kim if you get the chance :)

Kimberley's mealshare was definitely one for the books. First of all, the food was particularly meaningful to me. Gizzards and chicken livers, back in France I would fight my mom to eat them before she does! Second of all, the guests were all amazing. From Germany, South Africa, Chicago, NY, France, Zimbabwe, it was amazing. Then there's the wine. Loooots of wine! Sure enough we were all in the mood to keep hanging after the meal. We ended up partying til 3am on a weekday! Worth it!

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