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Member Since:March, 2015
Hosted Meals: 0
Attended Meals: 13
Languages: English
Occupation: Consultant


Lake View, Chicago

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I love to cook.
About Me
Just moved to Chicago for work. I love to eat, hang out, shoot the poop. Hoping to meet good people over good food.

4 Reviews 

As a Guest at Midwestern Omakase
Jon is a great guy to share a meal with! Such a chill, funny, and smart dude and by the end of the night felt like we were long time friends! Looking forward to sharing more meals with Jon in the near future!

Aaron (Matthew)
It was great to have Jon at my meal share. Hopefully I'll see you at the next one, Jon!

I met Jonathan at Toni and Ina's table. He is a very outgoing young men with lot's of stories. It was just a pleasure to be around him and I hope to meet him again soon.

It's so awesome to have Jonathan in Chicago. Loves food loves people. Very cool and easy to talk to. I'd love to hang out with him any day of the week. Really genuine and I can't wait for him to cook. It was a pleasure having him over.

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