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Lincoln Square, Chicago

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  • traveling
  • meeting new people
  • eating amazing food

7 Reviews 

Aaron (Matthew)
As a Guest at Peri-peri
It's always a great time sharing a meal with Jennifer! Such a fun and interesting individual (not to mention an awesome host:)) Jennifer, I'm excited to see you at future meal shares!

It was such a pleasure meeting Jen! She's very friendly, outgoing , and has a great aura. Hope to have her over again soon:)

It was so much fun to met Jennifer. She is a very friendly outgoing young lady and we had a great time over some healthy mac and cheese. She said that she may be will host with her mother, what I find soon great and I am looking out for that.

Jennifer was an amazing Mealsharing guest! I met her a few weeks earlier at Jessica's Spicy Taco night and I was glad to see that she was joining my first time hosting for Mealsharing. She was very generous and pleasant and contributed many fun things to the conversation, and she shared a bottle of wine with the group and helped me with the dishes at the end of the night. She's considering doing a joint meal with her mom, which we all were excited about - we hope you do it, Jennifer!

Jennifer was such a great guest! She came to my Fish Taco meal, and I'm so glad she was in the middle of the large group, because she has great stories and an awesome personality. Jennifer is welcome back anytime!

Jennifer was a lot of fun to be around. She has such a good spirit and intellect, and made all night fun throughout. She is a welcome guest at my home anytime. I can't wait to hangout with her again!

I had the best time meeting Jen! Very out going and just plain cool that she is a military Pilot! A real Top Gun! Great time at the New Year's Eve event. Can't wait to share another meal with her soon!

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