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Age: 39 years
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Berlin, Berlin

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A Slovak living in Berlin
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Cooking is relax for me, I like to do experiments in kitchen and try new receipes :-) I would love to learn to cook some meals from Iranian cuisine. Beside cooking I love literature, culture, travelling, learning languages, urban hiking (meaning sitting around cafes and bars and discuss whatever ;-))

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Ivana was a great guest!! She was on time, brought bread and wine with her. She's super interesting... she has lived in so many places and she has a contagious zest for life that is very refreshing. She was also really appreciative of the food I made (even though I went overboard with the spiciness). It's a pleasure to mealshare with her and I would recommend it to anyone.

I have had the absolute privilege of hosting, surfing with, traveling with, cooking with, cooking for and eating with on numerous occasions. Ivana is one of the best and most passionate cooks I know, but most importantly, along with her cooking, she enjoys the company of others who share her same love for food. Share a meal with her and you won't be disappointed! The food is simply mouthwatering :)

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