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Member Since:March, 2014
Hosted Meals: 2
Attended Meals: 10
Languages: English, Spanish, Chinese
Occupation: Web developer
Spanish Omelette with tomato and mushroom
Me holding a Spanish Omelette with a Colombian friend
San Francisco March 2014


Williamsburg, New York

Interesting fact about me
About Me
[ CAN'T HOST AT THE MOMENT! GONNA BE TRAVELING AND MOVING TO SPAIN IN THE NEXT MONTHS. Sorry, and have a great day! ] Always positive! Smiling and trying to make people smile and feel good. Like the song by Nina Simone. Hello my friends. Basically, I'm very easy going and honest. I move my arms a lot when I speak. I'm very talkative with strangers. I like technology and software, but I don't like that its purpose in the 99% of the cases is just sell more. I love to do new things every day. Really enjoy spending time in big busy cities. I'm passionate about my hobbies, travelling among them, developing websites, eating new food and cooking for friends.
Why I Share Meals
Meet people different than me and try new foods!
Places I’ve Traveled
I love traveling. Done it with friends and solo. The most amazing experience to me was China, but my trips inside USA have been also amazing because of the people I've met.
What I Read, Watch, and Listen To
I'm a big fan of Tarantino movies and Sci-fi, but I watch any type of movie to increase my knowledge about that world. Recently I'm starting to watch more and more european movies. I don't read as much. Only find time for it when I commute, but I enjoy doing it.
A Memory of a Home-Cooked Meal
Nothing has surpassed my mother bechamel spinach so far... But an amazing experience was when I cooked dumplings with a family in Beijing
I’m Interested In
  • Movies
  • Art
  • Technology
  • Traveling
  • Cultures
  • Traditions
  • Entrepreneurship

9 Reviews 

I had a great time at Guillermo’s Oh My Spanish Omelette mealshare! He’s a warm and friendly host who sure does make an outstanding tortilla (Spanish Omelette)! It tasted exactly like the tortilla I had when I meal shared in Madrid … which makes perfect sense since he is from Spain! Soooooo delicious! I really enjoyed chatting with Guillermo and his guests that night … it was a fun evening and I’m very happy he was willing to add a spot for me to be able to join the one night I was in NY. I would definitely mealshare with him again in future! (And I hope that I’m lucky enough for him to host his Oh My Spanish Omelette mealshare when I’m in NY next!)

Okay, so Guillermo did two types of Spanishes omellettes. I don't know exactly which one was the best, but hey, I'm a mushroom guy, so I'm going with the mushroom omelette. So steady and smooth at the same time. Delicious! The vibe there was so great, we had people from different countries drinking and chatting. It was so friendly and so easy to get along. Thank you, Guillermo!

So Tasty and filling! Sweet G'mo makes one mean omelet! He was a very nice host and his apartment is in a great area/safe area. I had fun. Thanks!

Guillermo is AWESOME! What a wonderful human being. Guillermo was full of great conversation and lots of laughter, his experiences are even better! You are always welcome in our home, Thank you for such positive vibes!

Guillermo hosted a Mealsharing dinner, and it was awesome. He made wonderful local Spanish food, and provided great conversations. I'm stoked that you are planning to visit Montreal. You can tell he genuinely cares about his guests. Thanks for a great first Mealsharing experience!

Ah Guillermo. What a guy. The omelette was spectacular and so were our conversations. I'm not going to say much else except- if you get a chance to request his meal DO IT. He embodies what Meal Sharing is all about. Thanks for hosting a wonderful evening and I'll see you soon buddy!

Guillermo is one of the nicest dudes I know! Super smart, funny, and positive person to be around. I was lucky enough to hang with Guillermo on the Meal Sharing scene in Chicago and in NYC. Definitely share a meal with him if you get the chance!

Guillermo was a gracious host! He's so kind and open to experience. It was great sharing not just a meal, but time and conversation in good company. We got to help a little with preparation, which was fun. I really enjoyed the meal and the overall night.

Guillermo was such a friendly host! The tortilla was excellent And he told guests that they could come sooner if we wanted to learn to make it, which most of us did. Súper fun evening :)

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