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Member Since:October, 2013
Hosted Meals: 1
Attended Meals: 0
Age: 35 years
Languages: English
Occupation: Inventory Manager for Sears
Strawberry Salad in Early Spring
That's us in Minneapolis, about to do Saki Bombs!
Delicious creamy salad with endive and raddichio
Roasted Tomatoes with Oil and Garlic!
We love color in food!


The Village, Jersey City

Interesting fact about me
I go to way too many BYOB place.
About Me
I'm in Merchandising & Finance/Logistics but have a passion for music, cooking and entertaining. My fiance and I live in Jersey City near Hamilton Park/Grove Street and try out new recipes all the time! Our cooking is mostly vegetables and protein; we save all the carbs for the wine!
Places I’ve Traveled
I spent 3 weeks in Edinburgh, Scotland which was an absolute beauty! Here in the states I lived in DC, Columbus, Ohio, Chicago and even San Francisco (for work).
What I Read, Watch, and Listen To
TV -- 30 Rock, Don't Trust the B in Apt 23, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Mad Men, Futurama, American Dad, Family Guy, Scandal, Nashville, Buffy, Bands -- Everything from P!nk to Lady Gaga to Etta James, TLC, Frank Sinatra and maybe even a little Chief Keen Books -- Usually Non-Fiction (Willpower by Roy Baumstein was amazing!) but Atlas Shrugged, Time Traveler's Wife, A Staggering Work of Genius, David Sedaris, Dorothy Parker

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Chris and his fiance are great! I had a blast hosting them at my place. They are super fun to talk to and definitely bring a lot of energy to the table. Also, I had made a last minute noodle dish and despite Chris being really full, he still gave it a try. The perfect guest! They are welcome to mealshare at my house anytime :)

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