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Member Since:August, 2014
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Occupation: Community-owned co-op grocery store.


Chicago Loop, Chicago

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Local. Sustainable. Yours.
About Me
Chicago Market will be a big, bright, beautiful community-owned grocery store featuring local, sustainably farmed, organic produce, meat and dairy products, as well as all of the other staples you'd expect from your market -- dry goods, bulk foods, frozen foods, wine, beer and liquor. We'll have a butcher shop, delicious prepared foods and fresh-baked goods. Chicago Market will be a community hub where shoppers can enjoy the juice and coffee bar while attending workshops, classes, meetings and performances. Chicago Market will provide farm-to-table transparency about food, its origins and its processes. It will educate its community about nutrition, ingredient sourcing and methods of food production. The Market will support sustainability and integrity in all areas, including environmental stewardship, fair labor practices and cooperative principles. It will be devoted to the triple bottom line: People, Planet and Profit.
What my meals are like
Locally sourced and seasonal foods honoring the farmers and producers in the Chicago food shed.
Who You Might Meet at My Table
Your neighbors.
Where my meals happen
In homes, restaurants and pop-ups where people love healthy, sustainable foods.

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The Chicago Market is an amazing organization! I've gone to several of their events, and have met cool new people, plus got tasty food. I love what they are about (food & community) and I'm excited to keep supporting all their upcoming events!

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