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About me
Member Since:July, 2013
Hosted Meals: 11
Attended Meals: 4
Age: 36 years
Languages: English, Spanish
Occupation: Motion Graphic Designer
Sushi mealshare!
This is my first mealshare that I hosted, I made gumbo with potato salad!


Novato, CA

Interesting fact about me
I love Aladdin!
About Me
Hi! I'm Blake. I grew up in the southern Louisiana so I really love spicy cajun cuisine( gumbo, jambalaya, po-boys you name it!) Most of the things that I tend to make are from that area but I'm a lover of all types of food from all over the globe. I think of my self as sort of a foodie but that definitely doesn't mean that I'll spend an outrageous amount for a good meal :) oh, and I really love craft beer.
Why I Share Meals
New friends and a shared appreciation for a nice home cooked meal!
Places I’ve Traveled
I've traveled all over the US, and I've been to Mexico a few times. I went to Europe for the for time last summer, I went to Rome, such an amazing place!
What I Read, Watch, and Listen To
I really love Lost and Friday Night LIghts(probably the best 2 tv shows ever written, in my opinion ;) ), I'm a huge Band of Horses fan(the band, not a bunch of horses)
A Memory of a Home-Cooked Meal
I have really fond memorys of crawfish boils back home in Louisiana, it was so awesome to get everyone together on a hot summer day and eat of bunch of those and laugh and have beer. Such good times.
I’m Interested In
  • I really love to go to the movies
  • Reading
  • Running
  • Ridding my bike all over SF
  • going to dinner with friends
  • craft beer!
I'd Like to Explore
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Thai
  • Jamaican
  • French
  • Italian

24 Reviews 

Great dinner and great night as usual...thank you Blake!

Blake's mealshare are always such a great time! I have had the opportunity to mealshare with Blake many times now. He is a Louisana cookin' master. The ÉTOUFFéE he made was so tasty. He co-hosted with his girlfriend Maria (just as awesome as Blake :) who made a super tasty gluten free dessert. Blake and his girlfriend create such a warm, and inviting atmosphere. Anyone that is in SF should definitely get a meal with Blake! P.S. A much appreciated detail to his meals is host stellar playlists in the background.

Great Conversationalist!

This was my first mealsharing experience and in a new city, no less. Blake could not have been a better host. The jambalaya he made was amazing with just the right amount of spice. The bread he baked was mouthwatering. Blake and the friends he invited were all interesting and fun to talk to. I had a great time! I will definitely do this again and when I'm in San Francisco again, I want to do another of Blake's mealshares.

Blake's meal was great! lovely guy and lovely energy. Absolutely recomend to attend one of his nights, super yummy food and great company. :)

My first experience Meal Sharing was at Blake's and it was a wonderful time! Not only was the food delicious, but it was supplemented with great conversation by all attendees. While this was only my first meal, but I'm sure that it won't be my last!

Blake was a fantastic host and the meal was super tasty. I'm excited to see a mealsharing community growing in the Bay Area!

My first experience with mealshare and Blake was a delightful host. Rachael and Caleb were also a pleasure to share a meal with and I look forward to more meals and an ever-growing community!

It was my second encounter with Blake, and this time I was hosting! He is a great guest, always some nice conversation and I cannot wait to have him back!

It was my first Meal Sharing experience, and I am really glad that it was at Blake's house. He is very kind and friendly person and a really great host as well. His sushi was great, rice was well seasoned and all ingredients were so fresh. I had a realy lovely time, great conversations and I'm looking forward for a new Blake's events!

Blake is an incredible friend and host. He is always so kind, engaging, generous and just a joy to be around. I attended my first mealshare at his home and ambitiously and masterfully made sushi! The company was wonderful [and quite international!], conversation engaging and filled with laughs. What an enjoyable evening!

Blake's dinner was my first experience with Mealshare. The pizza was tasty.I got the chance to meet core team members of Meal share during the same event. He is amazing host and had good views about meal share. I was also met some other people with similar interest and had good conversations. Will be happy to host soon so that I can invite guest to my house.

Blake's mealshare was a fantastic first mealshare experience for me. From the delicious (and spicy!) cuisine to the warmth and engaging conversation of his guests, I'll definitely look forward to another meal with Blake.

Blake is such a great guy! He is a pioneer in the SF Meal Sharing community. While in town he hosted me for a pizza mealshare (handmade dough) and it was incredibly fresh and tasty. Definitely mealshare with Blake if you get the chance!

Whether it's hosting or as a guest Blake is the straw that stirs the mealsharing drink! He is great company.

Blake is my roommate and a great host and cook! Every time he hosts a meal we have a great time and guests and I love hearing his stories!

I had an excellent time at Blake's mealshare, and I would gladly return for another! Everyone was very friendly and engaging, which made the experience interesting and fun. Overall, there were 8 people including me, so this was the biggest mealshare I have been to yet. Blake brings his southern hospitality to his mealshares and has a lot of great stories to tell. This was my 3rd mealshare to date and I think this entire concept is truly valuable for communities. It's really nice to be able to sit down with new people and share genuine thoughts and unique experiences, I feel I appreciate a new sense of perspective of the community around me each time I walk away from a mealshare at the end of the night.

Blake is a terrific host providing a great atmosphere for people to enjoy a meal while getting to know new people. The meal he made was delicious and many people had seconds and I believe it was all eaten. As soon as I am able to host I aspire to be as good of a host as Blake! :) Definitely should check out one of his dinners if you are able!

Exteremely interesting people to converse with! Not a bump on a log in the bunch.

Blake is a fantastic host. He loves people, he loves food. And he definitely loves beer. If you have a chance to share a meal with Blake, DO IT!

Blake was a great host. I had Gumbo for the first time and I loved it. Also the other guests were very funny and great to talk to. If you get the chance, do a mealsharing with Blake.

Honestly one of the best experiences I've ever had meeting a bunch of strangers for dinner. Blake was terrific as both a cook and a host, and the other guests were all charming and great company. A++++, would mealshare again!

It was great having Blake as a guest! He brought a delicious beer and fun conversation. Pleasure to meet you, Blake, and I hope we get to share some more meals! Always good to have more friends in the area :-)

Blake is such a nice guy. I meet him at my first mealshare in SF. We had some great convos at the meal and you can tell he is a really creative, smart, and funny guy. Definitely share meal with Blake if you get the chance!

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