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Member Since:January, 2015
Hosted Meals: 0
Attended Meals: 1
Occupation: too much


West Town, Chicago

About Me
I'm a community gardener (my favorite thing to grow is a spicy salad mix) and cyclist (my favorite place to bike is everywhere). I live with two lovely roommates, an energetic dog, and a tiny cat. I'm a permissive vegetarian, and I don't like white pepper.
Why I Share Meals
I want to try new home-cooked recipes and meet people who like to cook.
Places I’ve Traveled
My favorite trips are visiting family in Denmark (eating brandied plums and greek yogurt in under the plum tree) and California (my uncle's duck-egg sized avocados and my aunt's version of rasam).
A Memory of a Home-Cooked Meal
My dad makes the best fish chowder on Christmas eve.
I’m Interested In
  • vegetables
  • gardening
  • science fiction
I Love to Eat
  • Udon
  • Waffles
  • Pie
  • Squash
  • Beans
  • Greens
I'd Like to Explore
  • Japanese
  • Indian
  • Vegetarian
  • Ethiopian
  • Korean
  • Vegetarian BBQ
  • Pie

1 Review 

Bec is awesome! I went to her home for a mealshare where she did all types of pies! So tasty. Also, I hosted Bec at my Indian mealshare. She is really cool and has some great stories to share. Definitely pumped to try her Maine food mealshare! Mealshare with her if you get the chance :)

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