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Member Since:February, 2014
Hosted Meals: 3
Attended Meals: 18
Languages: English
Occupation: Social Worker
Thanksgiving Turkey
My first potluck!
Red Velvet Waffle Sundae
Buffalo Fried Chicken w/ Blue Cheese Waffles


Chicago, Illinois

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I make professional cakes (although its been a while)
About Me
I recently moved to Chicago from New York and I love cooking. However, since I live by myself I often have no one to share my food with. Mealsharing sounded like an excellent solution to my "problem".

17 Reviews 

Loved meeting Ashley! Hope she comes again to one of our mealshares. It was a real delight to meet her and look forward to more conversations in the future! :)

It was really nice to see Ashley again and hang out over good food. She's always a lot of fun to be around. One of the nicest badasses you'll ever meet. Can't wait to dine with her next time.

Chef Dante (George)
Ashley, Thank you again for joining us today! You are so cool. I hope to cook next to you in the future and share techniques! I would like to hangout with you more. Hope to see you around and do another event with you. I am glad you like the French Toast! Cheers! Chef Dante

Ashley is an amazing Meal Share guest. She's so funny and smart! I truly enjoyed the thoughtful conversations about current events. Would love to have Ashley as a guest any time.

It was pleasure meeting Ashley. She strikes me as being quite fashionable, which is something that's always great to see. I heard nothing but rave reviews of her meals, which I can't wait to attend whenever she has one again.

Ashley was such a great host and an awesome cook! I loved her Chicken & Waffles dinner as well as her red velvet waffle dessert with all the possible toppings you can think of! What a great 2nd Mealshare experience! I'll be watching the calendar to see what Ashley's next Mealshare will be and hopefully I'll be able to attend as well!

It's been two weeks since I've been to Ashley's waffles and fried chicken meal and I am still thinking about it on a regular basis. She made one of the best fried chicken I've had and I had a great time with everybody.

I'm late in sharing this review, but I had an amazing meal over at Ashley's! She's an awesome cook and fantastic hostess - I hope we continue to cross paths at future mealshare events!

Ashley and her puppy, Sasha, opened up their home and shared an incredible assortment of chicken and waffles: original, Buffalo-style chicken with blue cheese waffles, tempura chicken with a sweet potato waffle, and red velvet waffle sundaes for dessert. Ashley is an amazing host and I'm looking forward to upcoming mealshares with her.

Ashley is awesome! Her fried chicken and waffles meal was so tasty. Still thinking about it :) Definitely mealshare with Ashley if you get the chance. One of the best hosts in Chicago!

Ashley is an AMAZING cook and an even better hostess! She pays such good attention to detail to her events/meals and puts nice touches to all her dishes. She always has a ton of options for things to eat as well! Her meals are flavorful, creative, and most importantly, delicious! The crowd was lovely! Everyone was super friendly! I really liked meeting them all. If you ever have a chance to go to one of Ashley's events; attend, attend, attend! You won't be disappointed. Great times!!! Thank you, Ashley!

Ashley and her friend Kevin hosted a fantastic Sunday Brunch. The variety of dishes included brunch staples like fresh fruit, waffles, pancakes (3 kinds), bacon, sausage, eggs, potatos and the now world famous shrimp and grits which were a big hit with all of the guest. I ate until I was full and then continued to eat after that for the taste of it. Ashley is a very warm host who took the time to make all of her guest feel right at home. Be sure to attend one of her future Mealsharing events, you will not be disappointed!

I attended Ashley's meal with my host while visiting Chicago. This mealsharing idea is really cool. I enjoyed meeting Ashley and her guests, and eating some really good food. This time, I was a girl from Indiana.

I've met Ashley in the past at others' tables, and found her to be a fun dining companion. When I attended her meal for brunch, I had a very nice time. The food was wonderful, her home inviting. I enjoyed meeting her friends as well as other mealsharers I've known from previous experiences. Ashley was a great host, very calm and seeming to have it all together. I look forward to sharing many more meals with her.

I mealshared with Ashley when we were guests at Deanna's - she was such fun company, friendly, intelligent and so interesting to talk to as we travelled homewards together. I'm sad I won't be in town for her Sunday Brunch which sounds so delicious and amazing!

I met Ashley at the Soul Food meal share, which was one of the best meals I've ever had! She seems like an awesome person, and I hope we cross paths at more meal shares in the future.

I met Ashley through the Meal Sharing Chicago meet-up group, and then we both went to Tony & Ina's soul food night. It was an awesome night! Ashley seems like a really cool person, glad we met!

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