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Member Since:May, 2015
Hosted Meals: 0
Attended Meals: 4
Languages: English, Spanish
Occupation: IT Consultant / Video Game Event Organizer


Civic Center, New York

Interesting fact about me
My hair is probably slightly longer in-person :)
About Me
I find learning about different cultures interesting and what better way to do it via tasty food. I'm currently studying German and French.
Places I’ve Traveled
I've been to Europe once and it was an awesome experience. I've also briefly visited the Ontario region of Canada, would like to check out Quebec in the near future.

1 Review 

It was so great to have Angel as a guest at my recent dinner. He was very polite, and a great addition to the group of diners. I really enjoyed hearing about his recent travel to Europe, and talking about our mutual interest in learning foreign languages. ;-) Thanks again, Angel, for coming to my dinner. I hope you have many more great shared dining experiences, either again at my home, or else at the homes of other wonderful hosts on! -Lynn-

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