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About me
Member Since:January, 2014
Hosted Meals: 0
Attended Meals: 5
Age: 35 years
Languages: Spanish, English, Chinese
Occupation: International Growth for Tech Companies.


Los Angeles, California

Interesting fact about me
I am quite gifted in the art of catching small things (like almonds, grapes) in my mouth at highs speeds.
About Me
Hey! So I grew up in New Orleans and that explains so very much. My love of music, people, just hanging out, life, and oh food. :) I just moved in with my girlfriend here in LA and we love it here. She's originally from Baton Rouge but I think we'll disappoint you cause we don't have Southern accents, unless we are fed alcohol ha.
Why I Share Meals
Connect with people, get to know people in my own local environment as well as when I am on the road.
Places I’ve Traveled
Oh I have traveled a lot.
What I Read, Watch, and Listen To
Scandal, Dexter, Millionaire Matchmaker (don't judge :))
A Memory of a Home-Cooked Meal
Leftovers with friends and family on my kitchen island. Sharing.
Who I’d Like to Have a Meal With
Bob Marley?
I’m Interested In
  • Connecting with people
  • Travel
  • Soccer
  • Cultures
  • Spicy
  • Genuine human interaction
I Love to Eat
  • Sichuan
  • Japanese
  • Xinjiang
  • Burgers
  • Steak
I'd Like to Explore
  • Vegetarian
  • Raw
  • Baked Goods

10 Reviews 

Andres was a warm and gracious host. He had a charming sense of humor with a intelligent and sharp wit that kept an enjoyable, lively conversation amongst us guests through the night. I left feeling like I just had a cozy dinner night in with good friends even though I met almost every one there for the first time.

As a Guest at Poke!
When I met Andres, he was wearing a cowboy hat on top, and a pair of red, paisley, bell-bottomed pants on the bottom. Definitely one of the cooler guys I've met. He's actually a lot of fun to hang around, with a great sense of humor. And I'm pretty sure I watched him being helpful at the dinner. Definitely a five-star mealsharer.

As a Guest at Poke!
You know you're in for a great afternoon when a disco cowboy is part of your mealshare. Had a great time with Andres over food and conversation.

As a Guest at Poke!
Andres is a unltimate disco cowboy! Great conversation and phenomenal dancer. Would happily share another meal with that guy!

Aaron (Matthew)
As a Guest at Poke!
Andres was a great addition to the Poke meal share! Cool hats and great stories. Until next time!

As a Guest at Home Cooked Vegan Meal
I had such a nice first experience with Meal Sharing thanks to Gina and Andres! We had plenty of interesting things to talk about, and I quickly forgot about my initial nervousness. Looking forward to hosting more dinners like this.

As a Guest at Not your Mamas Mexican
Sharing a meal with Andres is like sharing a meal with Bob from that movie What About Bob? He's a little crazy,but in a delightful, fun and dare I say it zany way! He's also deep and touched my soul by his level of insight into certain things. His empathy and humanity were on display and I am so grateful to to have gotten to meet him. Can't wait to mealshare again! Andres,you're a righteous dude!

As a Guest at Not your Mamas Mexican
Andres is that guy you want at every party! He just clicks with everyone -- and within moments of meeting him I considered him a good friend. Plus he spent 4 months traveling around Southeast Asia, so he's lived the life I envy (haha). Hope to see him at another mealshare soon!

We loved having Andres here at our dinner table. We enjoyed our conversation... Hope you can come back for another meal.

It was great sharing a meal with Andres. We had Rice with Lamb and Zucchini filled with rice with goat yogurt.....We enjoyed having Andres as our guest....

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