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Member Since:August, 2016
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Occupation: Educator


Printer's Row, Chicago

Interesting fact about me
My Chinese name G-Phun is my rapper alias.
About Me
I'm the UCSC Director by day and a turbo kickboxer by night. I love food, dance, culture, travel, the arts, and random new experiences!

9 Reviews 

Amy is a very nice, outgoing young lady. I was so happy to learn that she help with an orphanage in Rumania and we had a lot to talk about. She is very interested in all kind of foods and you can feel that she enjoyed to be around the other guests. I hope I will see her soon again.

Amy is a great addition to mealshare. You can tell she really loves food and conversation.

Review of Eating Soul Good
I had an awesome time and I enjoyed "dining with a purpose." This was an excellent networking opportunity with good food and great company. I love the meal sharing concept.

Amy has lived all over and has some great ideas about mealsharing. I look forward to seeing her again.

I had an absolutely wonderful time participating in this event at Amy's apartment! The food was fantastic, I made connections with people from various social justice and civic engagement spheres, and we were able to have some great conversations about politics and government throughout the evening. I look forward to all the Meal Sharing events to come -- I think this has been the perfect way to bring food, friendship, and community service all into the same room.

Great food, exceptionally interesting people. Amy kept the vibe going with amazing suggestions for discussion topics.

I got to sit across the table from Amy at Mama Ruth's soul-food throw-down. She's pretty awesome, has a great love for food and people, and was a lot of fun to talk to. Hope to see you again at another meal, Amy.

Aaron (Matthew)
As a Guest at Mediterranean Lamb
I had a great experience getting to know Amy, such a great dinner guest! Amy, I loved learning about your profession, and talking fine dining with you! See you again soon!

As a Guest at Mediterranean Lamb
It was an absolute pleasure to host Amy at my home, we had great time and conversations. Like myself, Amy is a traveler so we had many experiences to share. I look forward to hosting Amy again.

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