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Member Since:December, 2014
Hosted Meals: 1
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Age: 34 years
Languages: English, Arabic
Occupation: online boutique owner/ designer


West Ridge, Chicago

Interesting fact about me
I love to feed people :)
About Me
I'm a Libyan American who is one of 11 daughters! My mother is a phenomenal cook who always exhibited passion, creativity, and a sense of exploration in the kitchen, which I inherited. Our house was a chaotic pseudo-hotel with a revolving door of friends and family, and our meals were the one thing powerful enough to put everything on pause and bring us all together. I've always cherished the way food can bring people together, and open doors to worlds we only read about.
Why I Share Meals
I hope to build bridges as well as offer people an opportunity to experience a new world of flavors that they'll remember forever.
Places I’ve Traveled
Let's talk about our traveling experiences over some post-meal mint green tea :)
What I Read, Watch, and Listen To
Currently watching: Chef's table, Game of Thrones Currently Reading: Girl Boss Currently listening to: Any good music
A Memory of a Home-Cooked Meal
Waking up to smell of homemade bread>>
I’m Interested In
  • Food
  • travel
  • yoga
  • family
  • friends
What my meals are like
I enjoy cooking from scratch (pasta, bread etc.) and with fresh/organic ingredients.
Who You Might Meet at My Table
My globetrotting family (husband and younger sister).
Where my meals happen
Home sweet home.
Types of meals I make
  • Libyan
  • Indian
  • thai
  • Italian
  • American
  • Middle Eastern
Meal profile title
Authentic Libyan cuisine and then some.

11 Reviews 

Patrycja E
Perfect Sunday brunch! Food was unbelievable 🌶😋🍞🍳☕️ Alaa, her husband and their two kids were do nice. Simply love their energy. I will recommend their Traditional Lybian Brunch to all my friends and I am hoping they going to host the dinner soon 😜 Thank you Alaa P

Amazing food, with such a warm and friendly hosting family. Thank you Alaa for opening up your beautiful home and sharing Libyan food with us! I'm craving foole already and so happy to learn the barista recipe! Looking forward for more meals to come.

Attending the Libyan brunch at Khaled and Alaa's home was a beautiful experience. They are both very warm and welcoming. I, along with the other guests, thoroughly enjoyed the delicious food that Alaa and her sister prepared. Khaled is a wonderful host, and we all were made to feel comfortable in their gorgeous home. I sincerely hope to see them and their two lovely children at another mealshare.

Great food and great hosts!

This was a beautiful experience. Alaa’s home had such great energy and warmth. She and her family were wonderful hosts—extremely welcoming, kind, and engaging. The food was delicious—from the shakshooka to the mint tea. The soulful food plus the conversations made for an afternoon I hope to repeat again soon!

The brunch with Alaa and her family was a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed the food (especially the Sfinz) and the tea. I really liked that the also offered a vegetarian version of the Shakshooka.

Eating with Alaa and her family is like eating with old friends. They are so kind, welcoming, and warm. Phenomenal hosts. The food not only tastes delicious, but you can see them preparing it from scratch. I had no idea Libyan food is one of my favorite cuisines! People came for the food and stayed for the stories. I can't wait to go back and bring friends. Alaa and her family are welcome at my meals anytime

Alaa and her husband, Khaled were such gracious hosts. This was my first mealsharing experience as a guest and they set the bar very very high. The conversations were so organic and enthusiastic- safe to say, there was never a dull moment! The food was absolutely delicious and definitely an experience too. Since, I haven't had Libyan food before, I appreciated that they explained each of the dishes and the ingredients used. I look forward to their next meal!

I enjoyed mt first meal sharing as a guest at Alaa's place with tasty Libyan food, interesting conversation with a fun group of people. Now I crave for more! Thanks Alaa..

Alaa's first mealshare was amazeballs! She and her husband were great hosts, and way more interesting than anyone has a right to be. The food and conversation were both wonderful. Very much looking forward to her next mealshare. I hope runny eggs will make an appearance!

Wow, not only were Alaa and her family so welcoming and hospitable, but the food was OUTSTANDING! I will definitely go to the next meal share they have. Thank you Alaa and Khaled!

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