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Member Since:August, 2012
Hosted Meals: 7
Attended Meals: 44
Age: 39 years
Languages: Spanish, English, German
Occupation: Art Director
Tortilla de patatas. THE Spanish dish.
Mealsharing in Berlin!
The setting of the last mealshare.
Chocolate espresso truffle pudding - pretty heavenly
Engagement party


Chicago, Illinois

Interesting fact about me
I laugh in my sleep.
About Me
I'm a spaniard living and working in Chicago. I grew up in the countryside and seeing trees from my window makes me happy. I'm curious by nature and there's few things I enjoy more than learning. I'm very passionate about the things and the people I like.
Why I Share Meals
I want to meet people and learn from them. I want to share conversation over food and feel that the world is a bit nicer after we're done eating.
Places I’ve Traveled
I've lived in several countries and that has made me chill and adaptable. I've learned that I can live with very little and that the people you travel with are the most important part of the experience. Best trip ever: India, without a fixed plan.
What I Read, Watch, and Listen To
I like shows like Parks & Rec, Modern Family, or Fargo. I really enjoy good science fiction and good fantasy. I pretty much like anything with heart in it.
A Memory of a Home-Cooked Meal
It's not really a single event: while being a little kid, I remember gathering chestnuts so my mother could roast them in the oven. Then we would all share them. Trying to eat them without burning yourself was great fun.
Who I’d Like to Have a Meal With
I think I would like to share a meal with my mother, but when she was my age. I think it would be such a weird and interesting conversation.
I’m Interested In
  • Life
  • music
  • art
  • science
  • astronomy
  • dinosaurs
  • love
  • books
  • movies
I Love to Eat
  • Edamame
  • Paneer Tikka Masala
  • Gazpacho
I'd Like to Explore
  • Indian
  • Corean
  • South African
  • Brazilian

48 Reviews 

What a fabulous first mealsharing experience! Ainara was a wonderful hostess and the cake was dangerously good :) I loved getting to meet everyone there, and enjoyed the wonderful view and impromptu dance party as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful evening!

Not only is Ainara a fabulous baker, the cake was delicious, she is also a great dancer. It was a fun night filled with laughter and dancing.I would highly recommend meal sharing with her.

Ainara is one of my favorite guests :). She has great stories, is very helpful at keeping conversation going while I'm finishing up and just has a wonderful warm and inviting personality with a sarcastic wit. I look forward to hosting her and Jay in the future ;). Hopefully one day I can try some of her cooking, too!

Ainara was a pleasure to have as a mealshare guest. She is a great conversationalist and I enjoyed getting to know her. Her appreciation of the food and my Charlie made the night even more enjoyable ;-). I hope I get to try some of her food, too!

As a Guest at Saigon Street Food
Ainara is a fantastic mealshare guest. She always makes it more fun, and is a big reason why I hosted this last time. Thanks for coming to Saigon Street Food, Ainara!

OMG! I have been lucky enough to try Ainara's Tocino de Cielo many times. It is probably the best dessert I have ever had. Give it a try if you get the chance!

Great time at Ainara's Mealshare. The Chorizo main dish and egg yoke dessert are for sure cold weather treats. Ainara's and Jay are fantastic host to boot. Yum, Yum Good!

I had a great time at Ainara's mealshare. The food was so good. Warm pumpkin soup for starters.. the amazingly good chickpeas and chorizo (I licked the pot clean)..followed by some kind of dessert that will kill you if you eat too much. (I tried) It was an amazing experience. I want to do this again. This time, I was a guy from Montreal.

As my first Mealshare and her first Thanksgiving, Ainara was fun to get to know and share the tradition of Thanksgiving with. We had a fabulous conversation about culture and life, all while enjoying a traditional American Thanksgiving. I am thankful she attended and I look forward to sharing another meal with her.

Ainara and Jay came over and we had a super time together. Always nice to have her as a guest. We ate and visited and played Cards Against Humanity. Good times!

Ainara is fabulous. Thanks, you made me feel like I was in Madrid. I had a great time. As always great conversation and food with a beautiful view even though it was a little rainy.

It is always delightful to share a meal with Ainara. She was my guest artist this time for my art-culture mealshare, which is the brainchild of a previous mealshare dinner. I want to thank her for making this art mealshare happen and I really enjoyed the prints she made!

Ainara is such a treat to have at your table. She is really funny and has lots of great stories to share. I cannot wait to taste her famous Spanish cooking.

Had a wonderful meal at Ainara's place. I had been craving some authentic Spanish food after recently returning to the States from Bilbao, so her tortilla de patatas was just what I needed! She's a friendly and gracious hostess, and I hope to return to her table again soon. p.s. her home has incredible views of the city, perfect for enhancing your mealshare experience!

Ainara is a total joy to have as a guest. She radiates warmth and has a way of interacting with others that makes everyone around her happier for the experience. I absolutely hope to host her again.

Ainara is a wonderful cook. Her ingredients are simple and delicious. She doesn't suffocate food with unnecessary spices. The flavors are organically suffused from each vegetable making each dish taste naturally good. And if you are lucky, she will build a bonfire that all guests can jump through to celebrate.

Ainara was such a fantastic host. The Spanish omelette and quesada dishes she prepared were delicious. The other guests at her home all knew each other, but I felt extremely welcomed in the environment and we had a ton of laughs. I am definitely going to have more meals with them in the future!

I met Ainara at someone else's meal last winter, when she was visiting from Berlin. I immediately liked her. So when she moved here to Chicago, I was delighted to join her mealshare. What we ate was a simple dish of soup with sausage and chickpeas. It was delicious, as was the yogurt with fresh berries for dessert. The small group made for very nice, intimate conversation, and I thoroughly enjoyed my evening at her place. I'm glad she's here.

I first knew Ainara when she was visiting Chicago last September. She came all the way from Berlin and requested a meal from me. It was really nice sharing food with her. Now she's moved to Chicago and I was so happy to see her hosting. She is a great host! She's very warm and welcoming. She made a traditional Spanish chickpea soup and rice, which was very yummy. I love the casual atmosphere at her table! She's very cool and easy to talk to. I definitely recommend going to her meals and I can't wait to try the Spanish tortillas she's making for her next meal!

ainara es relamente encantadora. ademas de que cocina de maravilla y que terminas chupandote los dedos. tiene una conversacion muy entretenida y variada, lo cual hace de su compañia un encuentro muy agradable. muchisimas gracias ainara por tu invitación!, y dispuesta a compartir otra cuando quieras ;);)

Ainara was super friendly, full of stories, and a delight to have as a dinner guest. I look forward to our paths crossing again!

The truth is that I almost forgot the existence of my account on Mealsharing, but luckily Ainara contacted me and invited me and some other members over. She had prepared a selection of delicious Spanish food, which I enjoyed a lot. She's an interesting person, having many stories to tell and experiences to share. Also important, she is happy to share the secrets of her cooking with others. I will soon try to make one of her dishes myself. I will already be happy if the result will be only half as good as what she made! :)

Very good Meals, She is lovely and very nice, and she took care of all details.

Ainara is the coolest chick. She has great taste and though she said it was her first time cooking these traditional Spanish desserts, she knocked my socks off (and everyone else's!)... She has a gorgeous open space to eat in and created a really welcome group environment for our shared meal. If you have the chance, have a meal with this girl! Run, don't walk to her Leche Frita! Yum yum!

I was so lucky to be in Berlin when I signed up for meal sharing! Ainara invited us over for a Spanish meal and pumpkin soup, which was much needed for my husband's cold! She was a fantastic hostess. I hope she finds something to do with the wine that we brought her!

I had a perfect meal sharing experience with Ainara, yummy food and nice conversation! She is a good cooker and very kind person. The atmosphere in her home was so nice that I forgot about the time. I highly recommend her as a host!

It was really nice to meet Ainara and Jay and have this wonderful meal with them. They are awesome guests. It was very sweet of them to bring the flowers and drinks. For the meal, I made lemongrass tofu Banh Mi sandwiches and a spicy Korean slaw. The food was really good and so does the conversation. I learned a lot from Ainara and Jay about their meal sharing experiences, like the German carpenter and the nutella chocolate cake. It has been a delightful experiences. I hope some day I get to share a meal with them again.

Ainara and Jay were fantastic guests! Ainara brought a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me, even going out of her way to make sure that they smelled fantastic, because I had mentioned that is what I liked. They entertained my friend and I with several hours of fantastic conversation. I think I'm going to need to plan a trip to Berlin to take advantage of Ainara's hospitality at some point.

Ainara is such a chirpy and lovely person. She´s light and does not take herself too seriously. It was great to have her over!

Ainara was my first mealsharing host and I couldn't imagine a better, friendlier, more generous host than her. Me and two other mealsharers spent a perfect Sunday afternoon at her place having the most delicious lunch. She prepared that awsome traditional Spanish dish, tortilla de patatas, which she served with grilled asparagus. The food was so tasty that we finished it in no time. But then she came up with that heavenly apple-cinnamon cake that was simply amazing. We felt so comfortable at her place that we spent the entire afternoon at her kitchen table talking about anything and everything. Ainara is such a communicative person with lots of interesting stories to share. I hope to share more meals with her in the future!

We had a lovely time at Ainara's place! She had prepared marinated chicken and an apple pie, both were delicious :) it was my first meal share and Ainara was the perfect host!

I met Ainara at my first mealshare which was organised in Paris. As I was interesting in mealsharing, she simply invited me to come along ; I thought this was extremely nice as we didn't know each other beforehand. Ainara is a very warm and very easy going and interesting girl. It has been a pleasure meeting her. I hope to have the chance to mealshare again with her (in Berlin maybe?) :)

Ten minutes into meeting Aianara, we've already had three dishes underway for 10 people. Cooking and sharing a meal with her was great and I'd definitely love to do it again. :)

Eating at Ainara´s lovely place was my first meal sharing experience in Berlin and I couldn´t wish for a better start. I really enjoyed the evening because the food was great and the company amazing! Thank you for the big piece of cheesecake you sent me home with :-) I know this wasn´t our last meal sharing as I need to proof her that Neukoelln is not that dangerous as it is said to be ;-) and I make sure I will have some dots around my house ;-) Muchas gracias guapa!

Ainara... wow! I'm so happy to have met you and so happy to have found Meal Sharing. She is talkative and enjoyable to be around... always smiling and really appreciative of food and a good experience. I am so happy to have met her and look forward to tasting her cooking someday :)

This was my very first experience with mealsharing, and it was a great one! Thanks Ainara for being such a kind host and a good spanish chef! Time was flying at your place, and i think i am still full of those brownies she made for us :-)

It was great having Ainara over with Jay for my first mealshare. She's a very considerate guest, brilliant at making conversation, and had so many fun experiences to share about places she's visited . She brought some 'Turrón' for dessert and I'm also very curious about a 'Nutella cake' that she described.

Her and Jay were great guests! Good story tellers and excellent dessert makers. I really enjoyed hosting them.

The food was really good, but more important than that, we had a great evening. Ainara is a very fun person and I also got to know her flatmate, who had brought her boyfriend. We had a really enjoyable time and amused ourselves talking about the differences between germans, spaniards and brazilians, while drinking Glühwein! I would love to do it again and hopefully be able to host a Meal Sharing soon!

We discovered meal-sharing by accident, interviewing Ainara's flatmate for a university project, and then invited Ainara over as our first guest. I really enjoyed having her as a guest. She has so many funny and amazing stories to tell and is such an open-minded and diverse person. Hope to be able to host another meal sometime soon.

Ainara is a lot of fun. We used to live in the same building while studying and we shared countless meals and a lot of great moments! She has a quick sense of humor that makes any conversation enjoyable. I really recommend mealsharing with her!

Juliana De
Ainara is a lovely, lovely girl. She hosted a low fat delicious meal. We had pumpkin soup (yammy) and banana and oatmeal cookies (we made it together, so it was fresh from the oven). We shared lots of funny stories and I am really happy we've met. I hope she can come to my place now in order to have some brazilian food.

Ainara is the sweetest spanish girl I've ever met. She is an amazing host and cook. =D I really appreciate every meal we shared.

Ainara is a lovely host. It was a great sunday evening sharing some brownies and good conversation. Looking fwd to host her and some other cool people.

I met Ainara a couple of years ago and was immediately struck by her immense talent, generosity, and sense of humor. A truly special person who will make you feel 100% welcome in her presence. I admire her work and travels and love spending time with her. I definitely recommend meal sharing with her!

Ainara's Gazpacho it's awesome!! It's a Spanish typical meal, so I have it lots of times, but the one she makes it's tasty and super fresh for sunny summer days!

It was pretty awesome. Ainara has a huge stockpile of knowledge about interesting stuff, but is nicely relaxed about it. Heard all about his neurosurgeon adventures, crazy piano factories, music... hope to meal share again soon.

She was super chill!

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