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Member Since:November, 2012
Hosted Meals: 1
Attended Meals: 16
Age: 32 years
Occupation: Web Developer
Salted egg yolks drying in the sun in Hong Kong
handmade pasta is not only tasty, but a lot of fun to make.
Delicious meal share with Huan in Hyde Park
Chickpeas, pre-hummusification...
Street food in Taiwan!


Chicago, Illinois

About Me
I love to learn, eat, sleep, stargaze, explore, travel and share. Not too general, right?
Why I Share Meals
The warmth that comes from remembering how throughout our existence on this planet, sharing a meal is truly where we find connection, love, and appreciation for one another!
Places I’ve Traveled
I was lucky enough to have parents that loved to travel, every summer and fall as a child we took a road trip somewhere in the U.S., to camp, hike and experience anything along the way. When I was 16 we went to Europe for a couple weeks which was, well, ineffable. For one year in 2009 I studied at a university in Hong Kong and while living there had the opportunity to visit Vietnam, Cambodia, China (Beijing, Guangzhou), and Taiwan.
What I Read, Watch, and Listen To
The Bad Plus, Sonny Rollins, Sigur Ros, Muddy Waters, Nicki Minaj, Beirut, any films by Tsai Ming-Liang or Jim Jarmusch. Science Fiction and Cyber Punk! William Gibson's Neuromancer is one of my all time favorites. Also, A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn and Towards a Philosophy of Photography by Vilem Flusser. TV shows: Louie, X-Files, Madmen, Parks and Recreation..
A Memory of a Home-Cooked Meal
While in Hong Kong I was invited to a friends home where her grandmother made us rice with tofu and chinese vegetables ( I still try to imitate this today but it doesn't compare despite seeming rather simple to make! ), fish stomach soup ( good for the skin! ), and my favorite, dong lai cha (hong kong style iced milk tea).
Who I’d Like to Have a Meal With
Hmm, off the top of my head, with Jacques Cousteau aboard the RV Calypso. Or no, with Sojourner Truth, or with Chief Seattle!
I'd Like to Explore
  • Chilean
  • Lebanese
  • Egyptian
  • Russian

13 Reviews 

It was great having Adam and his friend, Chow(sp?), over for lunch. They both have great senses of humor and it was very easy to engage with both of them!

Is it possible I've not reviewed Adam?! I've shared many meals with Adam, and love when he makes it over to my neighborhood for meals too! He is a gracious guest, but an even better person :D Come baaaack

Only met Adam briefly at a Meal Share, but I enjoyed spending time with him. Seemed like a really sweet guy. Wish I got to talk to him more!

It was a huge pleasure meeting Adam, his roommates, and his friends who joined for a St. Paddy's meal that turned into a little bit of a party. It was my first mealshare and I'm excited to do more! Adam's a great guy and I'm grateful for not only the good food, but the stimulating conversation and geniality. Oh, and he made a special vegetarian dish for me which was also very accommodating.

I was a guest at Adam and his brother, Ryan's, mealshare. Adam is so wonderful - I've mealshared with him a few times now and am always happy to see him ~ he is a kind, polite and caring guest/host and it's a great pleasure to have met and mealshared with him.

Dinner at Adam's house was fantastic, very relaxed and I met even more awesome Mealsharers!

We hosted Adam, John, and Jay as our first meal share guests ever. Although the guys had to endure Friday Boston traffic to get down to our place, they arrived on time and bearing a bottle of wine. We packed a picnic and headed to our local winery to enjoy the meal together. The rest of the evening was filled with laughter and interesting conversation. It was a great first Meal Sharing experience for Mike and I. We're hooked. We can't wait to connect with these incredible people next time we're in Chicago, and they are welcome in Westport anytime!

Adam came over for a meal share on an East Coast road trip with John and Jay. Adam was a delightful guest! I loved hearing about his travels to Asia and am jealous of his Korean style cooking ability even though he claims not to be any kind of fancy home chef. He had some funny stories and we all shared in some good laughs over dinner. Our dog, Dexter, really enjoyed being under his arm almost the whole meal. I wish I had been able to snap a picture of it. Anyway, John would be welcome at our place again any time and I hope we can meal share with him again!

Amelia & Wai Lee
Adam was a great host! He, his roommate, and the circle of friends we met were all completely warm and welcoming. Dinner was delicious (yes, even the brussels sprouts!) and conversation was lively. This was definitely a great introduction to the meal sharing community. We both look forward to reciprocating Adam's wonderful generosity.

Adam was an incredible guest. He came to Minneapolis for the first time with my best friend Jay. With a similar sense of humor and interests, we instantly connected. He contributed a HUGE amount with the meal and drinks, and was pouring a mean Dark and Stormy. We had a great time with all of our friends and guests. Adam is an all around intelligent, insightful, and great person to be around. Cant wait to hang in Chicago and Mealshare again!

Adam was awesome to share a meal with. He helped the host with preparing delicious homemade pasta noodles along with a red sauce. We never stopped talking all evening, and through the night about topics of art, music, life and others. If you have the opportunity to share a meal with Adam, go for it for sure. His passion for food will certainly inspire yours!

Adam and his roommates were an incredible team! Loved the gnocchi with the homemade tomato sauce and the stuffed pasta shells. So so good.

Adam was a guest of mine at a recent mealshare. He and I had worked together briefly, but were only able to reconnect and get to know one another through Mealsharing. Adam is a fun, easygoing and insightful guy. He has an amusing way of telling stories and will pose many great questions which quickly spark thought provoking and, most often, hilarious conversations. So much fun!

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