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Member Since:January, 2015
Hosted Meals: 2
Attended Meals: 41
Age: 29 years
Languages: English
Occupation: CTO & Cofounder @ MealSharing.com


Logan Square, Chicago

Interesting fact about me
I will eat anything once, and usually a second or third time.
About Me
Born and raised in San Diego (Sahn Diahgo). I get excited about operational processes and things w/ gluten. Floral shirt enthusiast.

22 Reviews 

I Met Matt at Susan's Vietnamese event and he was super cool and fun to talk.We got to talk about lot of things including Meal sharing concept which was really nice.Looking Forward to meet him at other events.

As a Guest at Jazz up your January
Good food, GREAT music, very pleasant company!

Matt was an awesome guest! He has a fantastic appreciation for food and people. He also offered some great reflections on our discussion topic of politics and government. Matt, thanks for joining UCSC's inaugural Second Saturday Dining with a Purpose meal! Hope to share many more meals with you and continue the chats.

As a Guest at Poke!
I've been at a few meals with Matt in attendance so far, but this was the first time we shared the same table. So I finally got to have a conversation with him. Matt's a very nice guy, has a quick wit, and is definitely a fun person to round out a group. I'm sure we'll dine together again.

As a Guest at Poke!
Had a great time with Matt at the MS. Hope to share more meals and convos with you!

As a Guest at Poke!
Matt is the perfect guest and the BEST at taking food photos! Can't wait to share another meal with him!

As a Guest at Poke!
Matt has an amazing sense of humor and was so fun to share a meal with. If you get the chance to go to a meal with him, jump on the opportunity cause he's a funny smart dude.

As a Guest at Mediterranean Lamb
It was pure pleasure to host Matt at my home yesterday, we had such a great time and good conversations. Matt is also interested in travel like myself and it was great to share travel experiences with everyone in the group. I look forward to hosting him again in future dinners.

As a Guest at Kalua Pork & Stir Fry
It's always nice to see Matt. I hope to someday find out if he can cook!

Thanks for coming to dinner Matt. It was great to meet you and enjoyed conversation over dinner. Thanks for bringing some booze too. Hope to see ya again at another mealshare. :)

What a great time at the Sauced Night Market Hangout! Lots of good food, drink, and conversation! Matt was such a good guy to be around and I highly recommend a hangout or meal by him! I can't wait to share another meal or hangout with Matt in the future. 5 Stars all the way!

As a Guest at Taste of Sri Lanka
Matt great having you over man! Fun guy, mingled with everybody & helped me in the kitchen as well. Looking forward to hanging with you in future mealshares.

Thai coconut soup and homemade coconut ice cream... Matt's coconut dishes are awesome! Thanks for having me.

Matt put such an effort to make the Thai dinner so great, he is definitely an awesome guy and it was really a pleasure chatting with him sharing common cultural interests and traveling experiences. Hope to see you very soon Matt!

Very enjoyable saturday eve at Matt's meeting his friends and other meal share guests. He is a fun and entertaining host and a good cook. Kudos goes to Jane for mixing up some spicy cocktails to go with. Look forward to the next one!

Nikki P
Review of #tbt TACOS
Matt had a great spread of fixings with delicious carnitas. I look forward to seeing more meals by Matt! Cheers!

Review of #tbt TACOS
Matt is such a great guy. Funny, smart and just so happens to make the best damn tacos I have had in a long time. Definitely check out his mealshare if you get the chance! Thanks again :)

Review of #tbt TACOS
Great food, great hosting, great company. Couldn't have asked for more on a Wednesday night! Looking forward to future mealshares with Matt and company.

Si Si
I really enjoyed meeting Matt! He was a great guest and gave us all an awesome pour over coffee lesson. Thanks for also making us coffee.

Matt was an awesome guest and even awesomer barista. He didn't hesitate to help with coffee and kept everyone happily caffeinated by making pourover during the entire meal. Matt's probably got some undercover chef talent as well and hope to try one of his future meals.

It was my pleasure to have Matt at my dinner table. He has been to a lot of places around the world and knows quite a lot about food and culture. He introduced me to this "not your father's" root beer ale that I really liked. I'm very thankful for that. He is a great guest and I hope to share a meal with him again soon.

Matt came over for a tortilla soup mealshare. He's a great guest! Super interesting to talk to, and had great stories about moving from San Diego. Matt also mentioned something about making Italian food, so I look forward to it :D

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