Meal Sharing: Eat with people from around the world.

Our Team

Cooking Up Magic

I love spicy food, playing guitar like a sitar, and going to the movies. Mostly I like eating out everynight.

Jay Savsani
CEO & Founder

Floral shirt enthusiast and semicolon advocate, my true passion lies at the intersection of food, culture and technology.

Matthew Gilk
CTO & Cofounder

A builder of movements, I create the space for community to exist and people to connect deeply and emotionally to brands and one another.

Andres Schabelman
COO & Cofounder

To say I’m passionate about food/travel/humanity is an understatement — it’s my life’s purpose. One hundred percent. A couple of years ago I left Corporate America to pursue all things food related and I’ve never looked back. I’m a food writer, blogger, pop up dinner host with an associated web series and podcast and I was even a contestant on Master Chef Season 7. But most importantly, I'm the Creative Director for Meal Sharing. To connect people through food is my dream and Meal Sharing makes that a reality. I love what I do and I do it with heart. Come eat with cool cats around the world! Oh, and if you’re ever in Long Beach, California, definitely come hang!

Gina Ruccione
Creative Director