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Member Since:May, 2014
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Languages: German, English, French
Occupation: Startup based in Chicago


Chicago, Illinois

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I love to explore and connect with people by sharing experiences and meals. I work at a startup in Chicago.

1 Review 

Dietmar is a great guest. I was so excited to hear that he is German like me and we could have a nice talk in our native language. He is so funny an easy going along and it is just a pleasure to have him on your table. I am looking forward to meet his lovely girl friend too and to spend more time with both of them. I liked that he was so happy to have a old fashion " German Kaffeetafel" and a "Vesper" like we call it when we have cold cuts and bread. I hope to see him at his or my mealshare table again. And thanks Dietmar for the nice pics you have sen me and the one you posted on my page, You are the BEST

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