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River North, Chicago

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I moved to Chicago from San Francisco and loving this amazing city. I have a passion for cooking, entertaining and meeting new people. I hope you will share my passion for food, networking and great conversations.

39 Reviews 

We had a wonderful lunch and a great time, and Awatif was an amazing host. Definitely hope to see her and her boyfriend again, either when we come back to Chicago or back home.

Hans Juergen
This was our first experience with mealsharing and it turned out to be a perfect one. Awatif had not only prepared a beautiful, delicious Mediterranean Lamb as the main dish, a kale salad as starter plus a lovely baked peach with icecream ( with Amaretto topping,if so wished) as dessert, but the whole evening as such was most interesting and pleasant. It started off with a glass of champagne on her balcony with a lovely view of the Chicago skyline including a quite spectacular sunset. Our 3hours with Awatif and John passed just too quickly. We could have continued our lively and interesting conversation for much longer. She really is a marvellous host and we do hope to see her in due time in our home in Germany.

This was my first mealsharing experience, and I was blown away by how delicious Awatif's cooking is! It was so nice to join her for dinner as she was very accommodating and a great conversationalist. The lamb was probably the most delicious I've ever had, perfectly falling off the bone. I can't wait to join her for meals in the future!

Awatif is a wonderful host and really had a beautiful place with a pretty good view.Earlier meal which i thought to attend was cancelled and this time it worked out. Salad was good and the lamb shank was delicious and pretty well cooked. Hands down for the gravy as it took me through some memories back home. Dessert was great too. Evening went pretty good with delicious food and nice conversations with the other friendly people.Awatif you can count me on your next meal too.馃槉馃槉.

Awatif was an absolute wonderful host. She made an amazing dinner for us and even let us try our hands at making the dessert. I look forward to going to another one of her meals in the future.

For a long time I planed to attend a meal at Awatif. I love lamb so I was very exited when it came up. My lovely husband Teo joined me at this adventure and we were not disappointed. In the beginning we had a delicious kale salad and the lamb and veggies that followed were a delight by themselves. For the dessert Awatif made baked pears topped with Amaretto and vanilla ice cream, heavenly. We had so great conversations over the meal that I hope we can share a table again in the near future.

We went as a group and everybody enjoyed themselves at Awatif's. The lamb was tender and delicious and the kale salad was a tasty surprise. Awatif is a warm host, very accommodating and delightful in conversation. We would be happy to come back.

Dalanda Sarah
I had so much fun learning how to make bread with Awatif! It was a great way to spend a sunday afternoon. I almost finished all the bread I made when I got home. It was so light and fluffy! I had made a batch of sweet bread that I unfortunately couldn't eat due to allergies and my friends LOVED THEM!!! This is truly a great class with easy recipes that you can do at home. Highly recommended :)

Awatif is so friendly, funny, enthusiastic and super interesting, and was an awesome hostess! It was my first time attending her dinner and she made me feel right at home. I'm so glad to have met her and looking forward to trying out her other amazing-looking meals!

Awatif, you were an awesome hostess and your chicken pie dinner was wonderful! Our group had such wonderful chemistry and I loved the interesting and stimulating conversations we had all night. I'm so glad I met you and look forward to doing it again. :-)

I had a great time at Awatif's! A great group showed up and we had good convo for hours!

Merci Awatif pour ce formidable diner. Bien s没r, la cuisine 茅tait excellente, la vue sur le Loop impressionnante. Mais plus important 茅tait le moment 脿 茅changer ensemble ce repas. Merci encore. Anne

Wonderful Host, great company and amazing food. I particularly loved the eggplant salad and the subtle use of spice in the chicken. I bungled the dumplings but ate them all. We had a very good time with interesting and fun conversations. Two thumbs up.

Dalanda Sarah
Awatif is such a great host! She is funny, engaging and welcoming. We had great conversations about traveling and food. She even let us participate in making the dessert. The eggplant was to DIE FOR! Overall, a great evening. I highly recommend!

Awatif is an amazing host and fascinating conversationalist, and the meal was superb. We really enjoyed the evening.

Awatif is an amazing host and fascinating conversationalist, and the meal was superb. We really enjoyed the evening.

Delicious dishes beautifully presented. Great apartment, very conducive to group chatting. Awatif has such a varied background - I look forward to getting together again both for the food and the conversation!

Great food, great host, great guests - two thumbs up!

This was my first experience dining thru Meal Sharing and I'm glad to say I had a great time so, I will definitely do another one of Awatif's dinners! Her food was delicious and the guests were amazing people.

Awatif made the most amazing 3 course menu! She seasoned the lamb with Cardamom and Cumin- ingredients frequently used where she's from in Dubai. As advertised, that juicy, soft lamb fell right off the bone! YUM. Awatif's apartment had an amazing view of the city, but better yet her hospitality made guests feel right at home. Awatif really went the extra mile to make sure we had the best meal sharing experience possible- she stopped by SIX grocery stories the day of to find the right lamb! She also shared many interesting travel stories with the group, as she has been to over 50 countries. I hope to be back at Awatif's place for future meal sharing events!

Awatif was a lovely, engaging, and gracious host. I loved the flavorful veggies and the succulent lamb. It was the amaretto shot with dessert that just did it for me. Brilliant combo! The coversation was also fun and lively.

Aaron (Matthew)
WOW... what an amazing evening at Awatif's gorgeous place! Quite a view and such phenomenal cooking and knowledge of food and travel! Very much enjoyed your stories and company, Awatif; hope to see you soon!

It was such a wonderful experience. I loved the experience and everything Awatif made. The kale salad with fig based dressing was a perfect match to the Mediterranean lamb. The lamb was very very tender and tasty with Mediterranean seasonings. The Amaretto peach desert was also a great complement to the entire dinner. Fantastic evening.

I had a great time sharing a meal with Awatif. She is a great Hostess. The Med Meatballs were very good topped of by a fantastic location and great conversation! Awatif brought her flare for travel into the meatball Mealshare for a little taste of the Mediterranean on a beautiful evening! Looking forward to sharing more meals with Awatif soon!

I had an amazing time at Awatif's Mediterranean Meatballs Dinner! Awatif is a lovely and gracious host, and extremely well traveled. I loved hearing about her trip to China and her experience working with pandas while she was there.The food was delicious, and her chocolate cake was especially amazing. I had such a nice evening, and I would highly recommend attending one of Awatif's meals.

Wow! What a fantastic meal Awatif put on. The Meatballs were delicious and her place was gorgeous. I highly recommend attending a meal with Awatif! I will hopefully be attending one of her meals in the near future again! Oh and that chocolate cake! yum! 5 stars all the way!

Fantastic! A delightful host in a wonderful location. And the food was incredible -- each bite better than the one before!

Awatif was the perfect host. The food was very good along with Ken and his two friends. I really enjoyed myself and would like to come back again.

Awatif is a wonderful, generous host and an excellent chef. This was my second dinner with her and there's no doubt there'll be more visits in the future. The lamb shank was absolutely one of the best I've had (and I love lamb in any form). It was cooked perfectly; falling off the bone tender and tasty. It was accompanied by roasted potatoes and carrots which, too, were excellent. The meal started with a delicious kale salad (I had seconds : ) and a roasted red comice pear with French vanilla ice cream. Awatif was kind enough to go to all this trouble even though she only had 2 guests. Anyone who likes lamb and wasn't there should seriously consider signing up the next time this meal is offered.

I had a great time at Awatif's lamb dinner. Everything was delicious. The lamb actually fell off the bone. I enjoyed seeing pictures of her volunteering at a Panda Rescue facility. I would definitely recommend going to one of her meal shares.

We had such a nice evening at Awatifs. Her apartment is very cool with a fantastic view. Wow! She is the perfect hostess. The food was tasty and conversation interesting. An international group which I love. Will be back for sure.

Awatif's dinner was beyond any expectations, very tasty and minutely well served! She's so cheerful and easygoing, definitely a pleasure chatting with her also sharing several travel experiences. I will sure come back for another one, hope to see you soon again Awatif!

From the smell of delicious food coming at you in the hallway before you even enter Awatif's place to the ambiance and friendliness when you are inside, dining with Awatif was a pure pleasure. As we sipped on wine and enjoyed the conversation, a beautiful plate of pear salad sat in front of us. With the addition of homemade bread, we planned our attack. Every mouthful was joyful and Awatif was such a gracious host asking if needed more and more and more! I truly enjoyed my dining experience with Awatif and her guests and cannot wait to share again!

We had a phenomenal dinner with Awatif. Who knew a simple salad could be so exquisite (thanks for the heads up on the homemade dressing). The lamb was delicious, flavorful and extremely tasty and the dessert was the a perfect ending. Great conversations, laughs and awesome food, made the evening truly enjoyable. Thanks so much for hosting us! Christy

It's such a pleasure coming over to Awatif's for a meal. Everything she cooks is absolutely delicious and she is very well travelled and has the most interesting stories to share. Did I mention that the view by her place is absolutely gorgeous? She also kindly sent us home with her cardamom dumplings. Thank you so much for them! It saved us on our flight the next day! I look forward to seeing her at other mealshares.

Great dinner with Awatif! She was a great cook and host! We were greeted with the savory smell of the chicken on entering her apartment-- it smelled amazing. We had a lovely meal and enjoyed the conversation about Chicago and global travel. A very enjoyable night.

Awatif is just as pretty and pleasant as you would imagine from her photo and profile. The apartment has great views of the city. I think many mid-westerners of NW European descent are not accustomed to eating lamb and may even think it tastes "funny". It tastes delicious when Awatif prepares it. The whole meal was great. I have not met very many people from Awatif's place of origin and was glad to have the opportunity thanks to her outgoing and welcoming spirit. The evening passed quickly and pleasantly. I think you will be glad if you attend a dinner at her home

Awatif is ....I was about to say "amazing host yada yada platitudes yada yada..." Awatif's mealshare was FUN. She's not only an excellent cook, but she really knows how to make a group work. She's got a great space for entertaining, a beautiful view, and it was a very comfortable setting. Very happy to have Awatif join us in the Chicago Mealsharing community, and look forward to seeing her again soon.

It is always a treat to meet a well spoken, culturally rich, and yet unpretentious person. The meal share I had at Awatif had the trinity factors: fantastic host, great view (of the city from River North), and food that lets you know that it is okay to live to eat and that you deserve it. :) The lamb was cooked to perfection with meat falling off the bone at the touch and collagen turning into protein butter (meat lovers know what I am talking about). Great side dishes too - in particular the kale salad. Needless to say, this is a MUST attend meal share. So, sign up for her next event without even thinking twice.

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